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Vampires have become really lame.

These days, there's people walking around actually saying that "Twilight" is one of the best vampire movies ever made. As a fan of the original Dracula, it makes me sick. Vampires are supposed to be scary, and they aren't anymore, thanks to the Twilight series. These vamps don't even play by the rules, such as:

-They glow in the sunlight

-They come out in the daytime

-They don't sleep in coffins

-They are unaffected by crosses and garlic

-They have sworn off human blood (the most laughable)

There is no place for teen love drama in a vampire movie. Similarly, there is no place for pansy-ass vampires-who-don't-act-like-vampires in a vampire movie. My brother recently showed me "Nosferatu," the first and original vampire movie, and I nearly wet myself. It's that freaky. Like vampire movies are SUPPOSED to be. Never heard of Nosferatu? Let me enlighten you with this short sampler. You're in for a treat.

The full movie is royalty-free and can also be found on YouTube. Watch it at night, and you won't sleep well, i guarantee it. The fact that it is a silent movie makes it that much creepier.

I think this photo says it the best.

Your thoughts?

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I agree, though I really thought the vamps in Underworld were a good blend of the cool new and the old school. But I think oddly Joss Whedon did a pretty good job in the Buffy and Angel series', at least they got ugly (except for the episode where Alyson Hannigan was a vamp, she is hot no matter what they do to her)

Vampires are too popular these days. Obviously Twilight takes all the blame.

Dracula-like vampires are so much better than the ones you see now on TV or movies. Underworld vampires are a nice blend indeed, the ones in Buffy were not that bad either.

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Weren't they all killed by Wesley Snipes?

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The most legit recent vampire movie I have seen is Daybreakers, it has a pretty original approach to vampires, also you should check out the movie Thirst (USA) also known as Bakjwi which is a really good flick, I think its out of South Korea and directed by Chan-wook Park.

And I agree glittering diamond encrusted vampires don't deserve to be called vampires, how bout sparkly-huggables as a name instead....

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I miss me some oldschool vampires every once in a while too. Underworld has a nice blend (as mentioned), and I actually enjoyed '30 Days of Night', despite it having a fairly different view on vampires.

^ 30 days of night was a good movie, but I felt that it could have done without all the unnecessary screeching

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DiemJoker4 said:
^ 30 days of night was a good movie, but I felt that it could have done without all the unnecessary screeching

The only thing that really bothered me was the ending. I just wish they could have made that awesome, and then the whole movie would have been good

d21lewis said:
Weren't they all killed by Wesley Snipes?


Daybreakers looks pretty cool, haven't seen it yet, though.