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PS3 slim left in Quebec. The 160GB phat PS3 that was available for boxing day/week was sold out really fast. At 299$, it also came with 3 games.

Wii sold out everyday that was in stock.

HUGE quantity of 360, but to be fair, they had the highest stock for holidays.

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Yup, just saw one guy with a PS3 yesterday on the train.


                                       That's Gordon Freeman in "Real-Life"


Ssenkahdavic said:

Preordered FF13 and WKC 2 days ago at a Gamestop here in Raleigh, NC. They had 10 PS3s (4 120s and 6 250s) in the back of the store but had 0 on display. I asked the sales guy why they had none up for display and he said "Not really sure, but we have 10 in the back. if you want one I can get you one"

Seems odd doesnt it? (just did a search on my zip at and all stores within 25 miles have both systems)

EDIT: Not all stores but 4/8ish within 25 miles of where I am.  The stores sold out are sold out of both the 120/250.

Maybe M$ is secretly paying gamestop to push the American product? j/k lol

But that is wierd, wouldn't they want to get rid of the stock ASAP? Or the employees trying to get em for themselves when they close that night? Who knows.

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gurglesletch said:
Where are their trucks?

Trucks? What trucks? T3H C3LL snubs trucks, only black helicopters for it! 

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It's sold out in Gamestop, amazon, Walmart, bestbuy

Sony is so stupid or they really did not expect such demands in NA.

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