Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Square-Enix wants you to play games while intoxicated

Well, not really, but here is a new software from the Japanese giants.

The title roughly translates into:

 "How to begin Wine with DS"

Apparently the Wine is of quite good quality.


I wonder if this software will be sold at BWS and other alcohol stores alike?

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I think it's weird. Taking games to new unheard of levels. I though Nintendo didn't handle or make games for ADULTS only.

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isn't that a "game" on wines how to serve, which wine goes with what meal? sort of like an encyclopedia?

Yes it is.

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I notice a distinct lack of Steven Universe thread in this forum but I noticed some people watch this show, so why not have a thread about it? Especially with the two new episodes this November 17 and another at Dec. 1 before yet another hiatus   

I list the episodes' title but I think that may spoil it for those who don't want to know it yet.

But yeah, anyone else excited for the new episodes? What's everyone favorite episodes or moment of the show so far? Or favorite character, music, enemy, etc?

If I had to make a top five songs it would probably be:

1. Strong in the Real Way

2. Stronger than You

3. Here's Comes a Thought

4. Do it for Her

5. Like a Comet

My favorite character is probably Pearl cause her voice actress is so amazing! And I like her design (looks at avatar) as well! Second only to Lapis though. Who also has a really good voice. And doesn't wear any shoes... Hm.

And if we're listing favorite fusions (please use spoiler tags for newbies)

1. Stevonnie 

2. Garnet 

3. Opal 

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts about the show!

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lol , thats a weird peripheral for a game :P

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I'm guessing this would cost at least $100 AUD, average DS software in AUS is $69.

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Maybe they could drop a remark that to get all the secrets in the next Final Fantasy, people must REALLY know their chardonnay from their that would make this game a million seller.

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Hmmm.... So if the average AUS DS money cost is about 69$ and America costs 34$ less than that, then the game will cost about 66$ in America.

I think.... That's a pretty expensive DS game. I never knew AUS DS games cost 69$...... O_O

What sucks more is that what is expensive for a DS game in America is still cheaper then what a game sells for in Australia, despite having nearly the same dollar value.

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