By the way... Turkey does indeed have a manly anthem, though not THE most manly anthem there is -

The Doctor will see you now  Promoting Lesbianism -->


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That Rocky II one was EPIC

Leatherhat on July 6th, 2012 3pm. Vita sales:"3 mil for COD 2 mil for AC. Maybe more. "  thehusbo on July 6th, 2012 5pm. Vita sales:"5 mil for COD 2.2 mil for AC."

Hey fuck you I like alternative rock.

But as for manliest song, anything by Van Halen probably. ie. 5150, Dreams, Runnin with the Devil, Eruption (guitar solo), Hot for Teacher, Panama, etc.

Oh also Rush is pretty manly too. I love classic rock.

The Turkish Nat'l anthem isn't fucking around. I like Russia's better though.

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It quite seriously doesn't get much manlier than this.



kowenicki said:
wow... some of those are really terrible.

They are pretty awful.

akvod has put his pride on the line by posting music he likes for the whole forum to see.  It is now obligatory that the internet respond by crushing his hopes and affirming the belief that everything he likes is crap while at the same time posting crap of its own for others to put down and thus continue the cycle of hate and envy.

Manliest songs... ummm... you can't get more manly than this:

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