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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Vote for the Top 100 Retro Franchises!


I'll vote closer to the date when there are more games on that list and I've given it some more thought.

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1. Super Mario Bros.
2. The Legend of Zelda
3. Doom
4. Duke Nukem
5. Warcraft
6. King's Quest
7. Castlevania
8. Mortal Kombat
9. Battletoads
10. Double Dragon

My Daily bump of this thread to get more votes.

Hmm...too many youngies on the site?

blunty, either that or a lot of procrastinators and I should not have put a deadline that far out. Either way I hope more votes start coming in, I'm sure that as soon as I start posting the countdown there will be people complaining about the order, and wondering who voted for them.

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^^ quite right.
Either way I'd like to see this list come to fruition with a fairly substantial amount of voters.

Final Fantasy
Monkey Island
Mega Man

Love and tolerate.

I could use some more votes in here please.

It's quite hard to settle on only 10 retro franchises. Since the common ones(Mario,Link,Sonic,Tetris,Mega,etc.) are already represented, I decided to vote for unmentioned franchises. I figured I would focus on RPGs, as it was my favorite genre at the time, and with favorites like Chrono, Xenogears, and Final Fantasy already receiveing votes I now present my list:

1. Mother(Earthbound)
2. Seiken Densetsu(Mana)
3. Tales
4. Star Ocean
5. Phantasy Star
6. Lunar
7. Fire Emblem
8. Ogre Battle
9. Breath of Fire
10. Ultima


Daily bump.