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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Windows 7 sales - good / bad?

maybe 90% in us for over 1000§ the rest off the world thats is a cheep price for a good computer god mac is like 1700§ dollar in sweden...

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^^man I feel sorry for u guys.


same here in the UK. apple is just too expensive in the UK... price per spec is ridiculous.

I'm not really here!

a macbook here START at £800

thats $1326

macbook pro STARTS at £900 for the 13 inch

thats $1,500

a 15 inch mac boom pro is £1,299

thats $2,153!!!

I'm not really here!

And that is why apple wont drop their prices. They're a very profitable company that doesn't have to sell huge numbers like dell to achieve said results.

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Maybe Kowenicki but they can't rely on being at a premium forever. The USP they have could soon bite them in their arse if they don't get the market share.
Then if they decide to make their OS available or lower the prices people could see it as desperation or they have an inferior product.

Do it soon while they are at a high to make the most impact. It's not as if their OS is a bad one.

Ultimately its not important how much it sells as sales of Windows OS's to the home Users as its only a minor player in windows sales.

From Microsofts latest financial report

Client revenue growth is directly impacted by growth of PC purchases from OEMs that pre-install versions of Windows operating systems because the OEM channel accounts for over 80% of total Client revenue.

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July 2009 daveJ saidTrue the wii has a large lead now but by 2017 the most likely result will be 1. ps3 2. xbox360 3. wii <-- wii's successor launched in 2011 effectively killing sales of the wii

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It will do fine.
Microsoft will just force it to PC makers.
Vista sold about 50 millions 7 will do more :)
Microsoft is a monopole they will always "sell" lots of windows :)


good point.... and the manufacturers are lapping it up.... like the dell upgrade option.

thats how I am on windows 7.... free upgrade on a rfecent laptop purchase.

I'm not really here!

Lmao sounds like the fucking retarded Mac commercials couldn't stop the juggernaut that is Windows 7 from doing amazing. According to that wikipedia article it got to 4% market share in 2 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if that's more market share then Mac has.

On another note does anyone have stats on computer marketshare? I know PC dominates Mac but by how much.