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Zer0John said:
Boneitis said:
Zer0John said:
rafichamp said:
^^ya, but when you think about it, who else makes laptops/pc's that are over $1000, Alienware, and Hp, and I doubt anyone would pay $1000 for a hp laptop/pc

Bullshit, Sony Vaio and Fujitsu Siemens have a lot of laptops which are over 1000$ and even over 1000€...

I think that 90% figure is from the NPD. So that's North America only. I imagine the world wide figure is lower.

But 90% looks a bit to much for me, as long as i have no proof i don't believe this.

Eh, 90% of 7% of the market is <gasp> 6%.  Go Apple!  You are truely the best.... <end sarcasm>

P.S.  Windows 7 is incredible.