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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Windows 7 sales - good / bad?

Hey guys,

does anyone know how the Windows 7 launch was? How much did they sell so far? Is Microsoft happy? What do analysts say?

I can't find anything I could trust.

Thanks for some links / reports!

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All I remember was preorders were very high. I'll see if i can dig anything up.

All I can saw is that I love Windows 7. I have this on my laptop and it is a very stable and fast OS.

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incredible is my guess. and it is sensational to use.

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Just check that out...

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Boneitis said:
Just check that out...


Well if all of that is accurcate then its a great

OP - As far as using it, I have Windows 7 and its much better than Vista, lovin it right now..

How much does it cost?

I believe a bigger percentage are using Windows 7 as their OS than Vista. Although there's still a major percentage using XP (like me).

Yes, more ''ferraris'' for barmer ,..




''Halo reach''.. sell 7.m first week ,Believe¡¡¡¡¡¡







MS profits will be nice 2009/2010 due to this.

I'm not really here!