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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Windows 7 sales - good / bad?

^^yes cause its NDP right, so its probably just the US. But think about it, 90-91%, man thats amazing.

Also I just clicked on the first article that came up on the search, u guys can check it out

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nvm u found the article like 20secs before i posted the link

I suppopse the counter to that is...

Ferrari have a huge market share of sports cars over £100,000, if they reduced the cost to £50,000 they would clean up... or would they? it wouldnt be a ferrari then after all.... standards and quality would drop.

it could work against apple.... rolls royce once increased their prices in order to increase sales! and it worked.

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kowenicki said:

more like trouble for Dell, HP and Sony... their laptop businesses would be dead overnight. but i doubt the figure tbh.

Yeah, I should have included if they drop the price and gain enough market share or even wipe out Dell etc, laptop business' like you say Apple could then offer their OS for sale or licence on PC's and Laptops thus gaining the OS market share and causing serious trobles for MS.


ms is just full of win this year.

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rafichamp said:
^^guys, google "apple owns 90% of over $1000 laptop market share" and ull find a lot of links from NDP, etc.

By jove he's right.

Although that is only for America. If it rings true in enough markets then a big price drop could still gain them a huge share of the markets.

True but what if they made their OS available to PC's and Laptops instead of their hardware?

^^ya but a typical car is around $20,000, a ferrari is $1 000 000, but a typical laptop is $500-600, and a macbook pro is $1300, so the difference is not as big as the car example u showed. Also look at the old macbook's they were $1599, now the new macbook pro's are $1299, so the price is dropping dramatically already yet its specs are getting better and better.

ofc its doing good it ripped off apple lol


if they did that then the whole USP of the apples vanishes.

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