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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Windows 7 sales - good / bad?

Yeah, hopefully good enough to cover the obvious losses the 360 sink hole causes them.

Getting it out of the way before one of them lot says something similar.

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oooooo, well in there.

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It deserves amazing sales, I mean common, Vista was probably the biggest fail in software this decade.

I'm not on MS's side concerning the 360 but i'm using Windows 7 on my laptop and i have to say that i'm completely satisfied with it!

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Of course it is success sales wise because MS has basically monopoly in OS market. I am not saying that it is bad OS (a lot better than Vista) but this question had pretty obvious answer.

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however if a apple laptop/pc is ever below $800, then we might have some concern

Does make you wonder if Apple should start to think about dropping their premium price tags to gain market share.


wouldn't make much difference unless it was a dramatic drop.

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^^If apple does make a laptop for under $800, Microsoft is done, apple has 90% of the $1000 dollars and over laptops/pc market share


90% of the over $1000 laptop pc share? really?

I'm not really here!