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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu SALES (11/9 – 11/15) -- FF:TCB Is 7th!!

The PS3 appears to be the new saviour of Japan.

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imo counting MHF2+2G is like counting Wii Fit + Wii Fit Plus (to those who don't know, Wii Fit Plus is exactly the same game as Wii Fit + an expansion). I don't see anyone counting Wii Fit with Wii Fit Plus

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And in my opinion we shouldn´t =)
Games that are released at a later date than the originals and that add a certain amount of new elements to it should be counted seperate. They almost always add a lot to the sales. Of course like Ioi said, with Wii Fit Plus it goes a bit both ways since the new game killed the sales of the original but I still feel it´s right to count them by themselves.