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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zack & Wiki - Best third party Wii game yet?

Has anyone else picked up this game? I've looked around two different Wal-Mart locations in my area and they both didn't have it in stock or even know what it was but eventually I found it in ebGames. It's a great puzzle game that's actually unique and isn't shovelware like most of the other third-party Wii games.

I think that if the game isn't advertised and continues to be undershipped, sales will drop and that'll be a notice to other developers that quality third party games don't work on the Wii.

So if you're looking for a great, original puzzle game for the Wii... Capcom is the developer you need to support and Zack and Wiki is the game you need to buy.

Many blogs (and IGN) are supporting the "Buy Zack and Wiki" campaign too.

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I'd like to answer.

Unfortunately, I spent another two hours looking this morning, and didn't find a single copy.

I'm going to get it around cristmas. i've got mario galaxy and a new wiimote on my sights at the momont.

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Bleh, sorry to hear that guys.

Don't take this as gloating, its not intended to be. But you should both keep looking, don't give up yet the game IS worth it. That goes for anyone in this situation!

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Seems that retailers massively under-preordered on this one. Boo!

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Retailers are gonna be the cause if this sells horribly.

I say we attack!

Maybe. I spoke to managers at two local Wal-Marts, and neither got the game at all. A local GameStop got three copies. A Best Buy didn't get it either.

I found it at my local ebgames, but they only got 3 copies.

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I'd take Capcom's other project over Zack and Wiki. Of course I'd take RE4 over anything currently out on Wii.

I was at the Plano Walmart yesterday and they were sold out (and had a good stock the day before, at least 10) and then I was at the Lewisville Walmart later last night (still Dallas area) they had about 10 and looked like they hadn't been touched.