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Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto. Definitely one of the industry's finest.


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Please give us an autobiography. PLEAZE!!!!!!

You have legions of fans that'll take a bullet for you. Ok, maybe not, but I swear I'll give you my kidney if you ask! I want to especially thank you for Wind Waker and SMG. Also, whatever input you had in Metroid Prime. Oh, and I'm sorry for missing the N64 generation.

(hope no one thinks I'm crazy for adressing him in 1st person there)
*walks away without caring*

I always remember his birthday because i was born the same day. :P

theprof00 said:
Hmm, the Oslo Olympics, treaty with America, peace treaty only months before, plot to assassinate the prime minister....
which of these events caused his parents to want to have a child.

Assumedly none of them since he would have been conceived nine months beforehand

I am glad Mr. Miyamoto continues to have birthdays. It is one of my little joys in life.


maybe the secret holiday game is wii birthday

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Happy B-day, Shigy!

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happy birthday shiggy


My BD is November 18th I'm a scorpio too ^_^.

Happy BD Shigo!!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Happy Birthday!お誕生日おめでとう !
Scorpio like me ;)
Long live to the Master!