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wow almost 1 million week 1??!


PS3 -- 400K

360 -- 290K

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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PS3- 400k
360 - 250k

PS3 - 530k
360 - 225k

Its released in Japan,Europe,America same time?
Then Ps3=790k
Xbox 360:400k.



Take my love, take my land..

PS3 - 550k (200 US, 230 PAL, 120 JPN)
360 - 280k (130 US, 100 PAL, 50 JPN)

Total: 830k FW

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scottie said:
My prediction - those people who predict the PS3 version will almost double the sales of the 360 version will be wrong

thats a terrible prediction. almost doubles could mean any ammount. if it doubles it plus 1k then ur like HA it didnt almost double it because it actaully did double it

the list of ways ur predicition can be right is wayyy to high, u only have 1 way to be wrong 

PS3: 500k
360: 250k

Battlefield Bad Company 2 > Modern Warfare 2

PS3 - 370k
360 - 250k

Fighting Games aren't as big in Japan anymore, and 360 users will embrace Tekken. What I mean by not as big in Japan as most people still hit the arcades for fighters.

It's just that simple.

--OkeyDokey-- said:
PS3: 480k 580k (Japan: 130k, Americas: 200k, Others: 250k)

360: 340k (Japan: 40k, Americas: 150k, Others: 150k)

Incorrect addition fixed.

My predictions,


  • America - 190k
  • Others - 150k
  • Japan - 120k
  • WW - 460k


  • America - 140k
  • Others - 130k
  • Japan - 60k
  • WW - 330k

360 - a bunch
PS3 - a bunch x1.8

4 ≈ One