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When you think about it, after selecting character for 27 seconds, and spending another 12 trying to pick a stage... 15 seconds to look at the Vs. screen is stupid.... That's almost a minute of wasted time in between fights. When was the last time you ever spent 15 seconds at a Vs. screen? that's crazy.

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Well seeing as I have tons of hard drive space I might as well use it. I'm just glad developers are making the installs optional COUGH Bioshock COUGH

15 seconds is actually a good time load reduction from what i've experienced with install games for PS3.

The online part won't matter since I'll only be playing co-op online and only against people I know.

dsister44 said:
Staude said:
leo-j said:
I dont understand.. its just a fighter

It is not "Just a fighter" That's like saying half life is "just a fps" or that uncharted is "just a action adventure game"


Tekken is the creme de la creme. It's the topping of the cake, it's not just A fighter...




Also it has a wicked deep story.

I would have to disagree with you there. I can think of two fighters that are better

In your opinion perhaps. Not in general


Tekken games also, always have extra stuff.


Like Tekken force, volleyball, bowling etc.

In this game theres gonna be co-op (hopefully offline too) ...hmm and it'd be nice if they threw a tag mode out :p

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Not suprising after Soul Calibur IV at all.


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KylieDog said:
Pfft, Sony made it easy to upgrade your hardrive for a reason, choose to do that and make it mandatory installs i say!

The day Sony sends me a free 500GB hard drive is the day I'll put it in my PS3.

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My new 320Gb HDD I installed into my PS3 is comming in handy!

Now I just have to wait 20 minutes to install for a 15 second reduction...

oh well no biggie. I dont think 15 seconds will kill me though

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