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Sounds like people are overreacting if you ask me. It is just a demo and sounds like the differences are minor at best. I don't think you have the same case here as you did with The Orange Box so people need to chill.

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They gave me VC. If they give me Yakuza3 aswel, all will be forgiven.

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imo all this 'bad' press will hopefully get the studios concerned to actually up their PS3 game before release. with a but of luck, of course.


not that the PS3 demo is too terrible in comparrison, but now we'll just have to wait and see what the end result will be.

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Yes because more then half the time gametrailers is an unbiased site.....

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Will get the ps3 version if they fix the framerate for the North American release, otherwise I'm getting the x360 version. Usually this sort of thing doesn't bother me, but I'd rather have locked at 60fps for an action game than whatever the ps3 version is managing.

Really fun demo regardless.

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Well there goes the sells from people who see this information.

lilc64 said:
Well there goes the sells from people who see this information.

Rightfully so, maybe then they'll take the PS3 versions quality seriously. Lazy devs..

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