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Forums - Sony Discussion - Jak and Daxter: The lost frontier release date confirmed

The game will be released on November 3, 2009.


check out this new video from GameTrailers.







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That trailer looks nice. I don't really care about the average previews, I am still going to get this game

Great series

PSP gaming time.

Rockstar: Announce Bully 2 already and make gamers proud!

Kojima: Come out with Project S already!

look forward to this game very much, High Impact did a good job with R & C last time, can't wait to see how their Naughy Dog half fares compare to the Insomniac half lol.


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Jak became Duke nukem-ish, Keira becomes a Sage and Daxter morphs into a monster ?
man i gotta get this game

the series went downhill after the first game.

I don't like Jak's hair cut...

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cr00mz said:
the series went downhill after the first game.

it went from "Crash bandicoot with open worlds" into something original.

Can't wait for this. I'm so happy I just got a PSP.