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Forums - Sales Discussion - For those claiming PSP Go didn't flop it's time to step up

I'm reading posts from users claiming the PSP Go launch wasn't a flop so I want to ask those people this:

If a 360 Slim launched and got the same sales numbers as the PSP Go would you be calling it a flop?  If it sold 30,000 consoles for its launch in the United States and 6,000 in the UK would you be on here arguing against those calling it a flop?  Since the sales for the PSP Go will drop in the following weeks just like they have for the PS3 how can it be called anything other than a flop?

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DSi is the best comparison (even though not optimum)

in terms of that comparison, PSP GO! did flop

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it flopped by all reasonable comparisons... of course it did. Darth is correct with his best comparison being the dsi.

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Of course it flopped. You can't play your UMD collection and it costs like $80 more then the 3000 series.

It flopped in features and it flopped in sales

darthdevidem01 said:
DSi is the best comparison (even though not optimum)

in terms of that comparison, PSP GO! did flop


Sony could have sold the product for about $230 at launch BUT they would have had to find some incentive to get stores to carry the product since it is DD only.

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I would compare it to a X360 Slim Arcade with a hard drive but no CD-Rom.

And despite the fact that I think it's great, so far it's a flop.

Flop so far, yeah. But we'll see in the long run, I guess.

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I think the console will do well in Japan but not so well elsewhere. Sony were wise not to end production of the 3000

I don't think it flopped because I bet it's sales are more or less what Sony expected. The Go is an experiment, a companion model to the current PSP aimed at catching the early adopters for a totally digital model.

The Go cannot be compared to the Slim, a new model replacing the old, nor even the DSi (although I agree with Darth that seems the closest) because the DSi is also more of a new model than a total change of direction targeting a minority.

In the end the only way I see something as a flop is if it fails in achieving the goals set by it's company. Everything I've seen from Sony around the Go indicates to me it's performing as expected.

The issue I believe is that launching so close to Slim, everyone thinks its supposed to drive a big boost in sales in the same manner. It's not. It's aimed at a small number of early adopters (something it's price makes all too clear) whereas the Slim pricing makes it all to clear it is aimed at a larger majority than the PS3 models it is replacing.

I like the basic design of the Go but have no desire to switch, having a PSP with essentially the same features, a bigger screen plus access to both digital and physical media. But I can see that it is not the latest PSP model (in that it does not attempt to improve on the current PSP) nor is it meant to boost PSP sales (as explained already).

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