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I think what most people need to keep in mind is that almost everyone has a bias here. What people don't seem to realize is that typically someone who is biased isn't going to be able to see that other people who have the same biased even are biased. So all we get is a bunch of outcry from the Nintendo fanboys that ssj12 is biased or the Sony fanboys that rocketpig is biased or that everyone else is Nintendo biased or what have you. Suck it up and deal with it. If you see someone actually causing problems on the forums with their moderating behavior then you have the official avenues with which to deal with it. Complaining on the forums is not one of those.

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zackblue said:
ssj12 said:
Leo will be unbanned later. I sent him a message to discuss things with him. If I see someone being a pain I will just warn that person through PM. If problem becomes out of control or we have another Blue issue the ban button is right under the name.


Blue? What do you mean blue?


 not you an old member that went by Blue6. He was banned for flaming and kept making accounts so the mods at the time had to ban a new account by him at least 8 times a day. 

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I really don't get this choosing people for mod ship by their bias, it wont work.

Shouldn't the people that aren't know for their bias be chosen, or real games that own all the consoles and can give a real complaints about either side.

Actually ssj, it was Blue3. Blue6 and Blue4, Blue5, etc. were just his pawns after his permaban.

And why all the hate on ssj? He's not bad.

they've only been mods for a few hours Claude, you need to have News to post it.

I don't see much of a problem with ssj, i think he is probably the most volatile of the new ones but he is better than most other posters and i reckon he will be a bit like ckmlb... i didn't agree with a lot of his posts before he became a mod, but he is (was) an excellent mod...*checks when ckmlb last logged in*

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Congrats to everyone. I'm not concerned, things will be fine.


I completely agree. They should own a 360 wii and a ps3. That way they wont be biased. Reminds you of someone..(me)


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Ah, fine crop of moderators we have here.



Avalach21 said:
Why is it congratulations?

A mod is the last thing I'd want to be

I think it's more of a "thank you."

Agree, I've been a mod in the past and it can be really ungrateful work.

I find it strange why there are so many Americans being mods, hardly a single European and only about 1 Asian and I see him online only about once a week, refering to Y-Koron :=/. Wouldn't it be a better idea to select world wide? A few from Asia, a few from the US and a few from Europe so there are mods online 24/7?

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leo-j said:

Rocket pig? Are you Fing kiding me? He is as much as a fanboy as me or soriku. He HATES SONY. HATES, not DISLIKE, HATES

I'm putting you in the timeout box for a couple hours. FishyJoe

What's the difference? Most of this site hates Sony not that it really matters....