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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who's NOT Buying a PS3 this year?

I won't be buying one this year and more than likely not next year either. I have way to much stuff to spend money on for me to justify the purchase.

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I was going to buy it to play around with CELL in linux, but Sony seemed to think otherwise and removed ability to install other OS.

Will get a PS3 Slim if/when it has BC.
Until then the PC/Wii is good enough.
May consider the 360 though, if the price drop is significant, maybe not!

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I am not getting one.

Looking at the sales, this thread should be on it's 259th page by now.

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well until they get a more compelling library than the 360 then no. currently none of their games interest me except for killzone 2.


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Look at my collection. Do I need another system or more games?

The DS and PSP are plenty of room for me to work with on the go.

The 360 is my main system of choice, and has plenty of exclusives for me to purchase. XBLA suits my needs for small purchases like Shadow Complex.

The PS3 would basically be a waste of money to me because a nicer picture does not equate a better movie (Blu-Ray versus DVD) and I would not have enough time/money to play all the great PS3 exclusives that were out there (My budget is $1,200 a year for gaming and systems which equates to 20 360 games at full price a year).

I also own a Wii as a "side" system where I get about 4-5 games a year for it.

So yeah I got enough games already as it is. That is the main reason I won't buy a PS3 unless It's so dirt cheap ($100 or $150 thrown in with a game) and the pricing of Blu-Ray DVDs are standard with DVDs.

That's about the most non-biased post I can come up with.

It's just that simple.

Too late, have a 360 now which I barely play and a huge backlog of Wii games I want and own which I havn't gotten too. I've simply no use for a 3rd console.


Up in the air, I certainly don't want a slim, and I would take advantage of the cheaper phat PS3 (is it cheaper in the UK as well?) but funds won't allow atm

Also I need more than 3 games to warrant a purchase and there isn't much on the horizon I like, and I need to find one of those adaptors so I can play it with my 360 controller.

So probably not this year ... but one day I'm sure.


i'm not getting one. there is already about 20 360 games i want that will be released(or already were released) by the end of 2009. there's another 25 psp games that will be released in 2009 and 2010 i'm interested in. there are also my ps2, psp and 360 games i have to finish first(or even start playing). so i won't have time or money to get ps3 not to mention there will be plenty of games that will keep me occupied for a long time.

Lost_Soul said:
jefforange89 said:
Most of the games I'd want for PS3 (or 360) are available for and better for PC. The few console exclusives that I wouldn't have access to I can just live without, really, since they are rather few (I can only think of two off the top of my head, and then only one upcoming game on top of that), and moreover, I don't have all the time in the world for games like I used to in the past. >_>

And yeah, I of course have a Wii for games as well. There are quite a few games on the horizon that I'll be wanting to pick up as well, if I can find the time.

It's not so much a money thing, as I could easily afford a PS3 (or a dozen, lol). But it wouldn't be worth the investment, since I wouldn't get much out of it that I can't get already, and I wouldn't have the time to justify it either.

Ha ha you make me laugh, i got the feeling that you're living in a cave somewhere far away...

So you want to say that games like this don't have your interest?? -----> GT, God of War, Wipout HD, Ratchet & Clank, RFOM, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Metal Gear, Motorstorm and there are MANY more exclusives...


Im really getting tyred by people who claims that de 360 has better or more exclusives because that's just fanboy talk and you're not real as a person if think or defend that.

There are good games on the PS3 and the 360 but the PS3 got more exclusives..

Hell if I didn't hate microsoft and i could game wit that terrible controller on the 360 I would have one myself..

Technically it doesn't. Especially if you add in titles that are X360/PC Only and those titles that are X360 Only plus titles that came out before PS3 was available like: Dead Rising, Chromehounds, Saint's Row, Rumble Roses XX the list goes on. The X360 has a much larger library because of beign released first as well. You don't have to be a fanboy to understand this at all.

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