60GB PAL September 2007
Upgraded HDD to 250GB

no problems...yet
not even an controller sync issue
it's only frozen during Fallout 3, but that's not Sony's problem lol

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80GB bought on 24/01/09, had problems with reading the hdd on startup a few times, but usually it's fine.

20GB - Dec 06 (upgraded to 250)
120GB slim - Nov 09


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60GB full BC refurbished - Aug 2009

(upgraded to 500GB Jan 2010)

works like new

60GB - Jan 07 (YLoD Dec 08)
60GB refurb - Jan 09, no problems
40GB MGS4 LE - Dec 08 (500GB HDD, no problems)

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40 gig and I want to say may 2007 but I may be off by months. Never had an issue with it other than space.

phat 160 GB in dec. 09

40GB June 2008 running strong

80GB Novmber 2008 bluray lense problem (replaced under newegg warranty)

120 GB slim on Feb 8 2010. No problems yet

60 GB - Nov 2006 - Died (disc drive error)
60 GB - Jan 2008 - Still running fine (knock on wood)