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You should have gotten him WaW. That's good news btw.




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Sooner or later we'll have him on Fire Emblem... probably not. Most of our so called core gamers on this website probably can't handle that haha.

But great story. Good to see others enjoying gaming. Always puts a smile on my face when others are able to experience the joy that video gaming gives me.

cool... although it's more like getting a non-gamer hooked on a core game than turning him into a "core-gamer".

but i suppose if it makes him want to pick up the next COD or the likes that's pretty cool. when it comes down to it it's all about what somebody enjoys, once you get past the initial bias against video games.

the Wii is an epidemic.

@ multiple responses - I introduced him to cod3 first because it was more european missions, which is the center of any WW2 fanatic. When he finished COD3 I'll get him WaW.

@people saying cod3 wii is terrible - I dont think its that terrible. Its nothing amazing, but a good intro for a non-gamer into the series.

@ people with parents that played games back in the day - my entire family, mom, dad, my bros and I were all a bigtime gaming family in the days of the 2600.My mom was a master Centipede player, and I think I played Combat against my day when I was 3 =)

@lingyis - true, but he's playing every day. My definition of "core gamer" is someone that consistently is gaming on a daily basis, that its part of their regular routine. I am NOT a core gamer, I only play a few days a week at most.

The only games my dad ever played were Prince of Persia on DOS, Wii Sports and few more on planes (he was talking about hockey once).
My mom doesn't play anything and I've never seen her playing anything. My step-father still plays Heroes of Might & Magic and Civilization from time to time.

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Isn't shooters supposed to be casual games?

My parents don't play games, my father used to play some ridge racer occasionally on ps-one. :/

Propably the most hardcore game my mom has played is something like tetris.

yer get him cod waw and the conduit. get him into online no haha.



^^ ultimately I will. My parents are retired and travel to Florida for the cold half of the year, so itd be fun to play some online matches against my dad when we cant see each other in person

maybe thats been Nintendo's plan all along....slowly turning the casual gamer into a "core" gamer....nintendo will have the most core gamers next gen.......hahahah

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