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Forums - Website Topics - IP bans, why don't we have them?

I really can't help but to wonder if the mods had something personal against Hus. He was no different than Leo-J or Soriku, in my opinion.

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Well he called ben out on his bias, and as you see for good reason.

And thats was why he got banned.

As I've said before: posting negative things about Ben is never a good idea, since he, along with Stof, is the sites iconic mod. Personaly, I try to avoid him, as my post arn't always in favor of Nintendo.

grandmaster192 said:
As I've said before: posting negative things about Ben is never a good idea, since he, along with Stof, is the sites iconic mod.

 So he can be bias but becaue he has some power hes allowed to be bais and abuse that power.

 Come on WTF.



That is something I do not support--your claims about Ben abusing his power.

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So calling some one an xbot is bannable ???

Yet making a thread called "calling all Xbots" is ok

WTF choose one side and stick to it, mrstickballs had no problem with every 360
owner on here being labeled a Xbot.

But ben has a problem with hus using it.

We have established that bens opinon of Hus's post being trolling is bias or atleast he had in in for him.

So wtf.

I do think that Ben is bias due to human nature; I can only speculate that Ben had something personal against Hus, since I have no proof. There's no way I could claim that Ben having something personal against Hus is a fact. Furthermore, I think you're stepping out of line with your false accusations about Ben abusing his power. I do think that there is a double standad and Nintendo bias; however, I feel that saying Ben abusing his powers is just down right disrespectful. Not only is it disrespectful, it's based on very little evidence, and the evidence you do have is quite controversial. If you want people to take you serious, 111, you're going to have to do a better job of presenting you opinion.


And him closing a civil legit thread and calling him troll for NO good reason at all, thats respectful ?

One gets banned for something others don't, thats not abusing their power ?

When making such accusations, you need to go further in-depth than what you're doing. You're opinions thus far have been poorly presented, and I'm not saying that they are invalid. Rather, they lack the in-deph explanation that's needed to get people attention. As of now, you're point about Hus getting banned for things that others are not is invalid; this is because you have gone far enough in explaining it. Furthermore, you did not give any examples of this actually happening. Instead, you're just saying it--expecting someone to just know what you're talking about without giving any exapmles or evidence. If I were you, I would go to Ben directly.


So his reasoning for the ban, saying he was trolling - But i showed what Ben said was Hus trolling is not really fair now is it - as proven with this

Another part he banned him for is he called someone a xbot, yet someone else called every owner on here a xbot put it in their thread title and it was ok as shown here the mod had no problem with it.

What more do you want ?