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Forums - Website Topics - IP bans, why don't we have them?

^ Nice to see that people are not scared of the mods and just say what they think R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

if now some mods would see the problem too.

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Oh no, this "mods are biased" thing again...

Aside from being a completely false and perspective based argument (I mean, Ckmlb is still a mod and he gives some good bashing to the Wii sometimes) there's another thing:

Seriously, none of you have the right to complain about anything or demand this site to shut down. You are NOT f*cking paying for it.

It's a 'my way or the highway' thing. You won't change it, never.

About the IP bans, I think most of us have dynamic IP. I shut my modem off for five minutes and I get a new IP. You can ban a higher level like... 200.*.*.* but you would ban an entire country.

You want proof.

Look at ALKO's posts, are you saying thats not trolling???

It was reported yet nothing done about it. Others even complained about it in the thread.

denial is one way to go.

111 said:

You want proof.

Look at ALKO's posts, are you saying thats not trolling???

It was reported yet nothing done about it. Others even complained about it in the thread.

denial is one way to go.

 Yep its trolling alright, he was probably sent a warning by the mods as I would guess happens with most reports. In fact I do seem to remember ALKO getting temp banned at some point?

Just because he wasn't publically hanged doesnt mean he wasnt warned or punished = 

If that would have been about Mario galaxy, one of the mods, as they should, would have got with him right away... A temp ban would probably have been givin right away.

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Meh, this is going to be an endless discussion of people holding to the view they start with anyway... It would be a VERY slight possibility that someone would actually "convert" their bias toward VGChartz...

Whatever though, I'll at least give what I think. Regarding the biased modship complaint, in my opinion, treatment is given accordingly to the attitude of the poster. What some people do not realize is that, it's not the matter of what they present, whether it's opinion or fact, but how they present it. Ever since I started browsing the forum, there are a whole lot of cases in which someone does that just piss off the someone else, whether it was unintentionally or intentionally, or if they even awared of it or not. I may be presumptous here, or generalizing, and I apologize to those who don't fit into the category, but the cases of "biased modship" on PS3 fan, or the bashing they usually get, is resulted from their unfitting behavior. Again, it could be unintentional. That's not to say, though, that it's not the same for the Wii fans or Xbox360 fans. My point here is that... well, figure out yourself since I can't think up of a good enough conclusion.

Anyway, I'm really sleepy right now so I may be wrong on a lot of them.

To be off-topic a bit, and taking johnlucas as an example, why do you think, despite his insane predictions, he still gotten respect from some fellow members? (or at least, many people don't dislike him) I don't believe it's because he's a Wii "fanboy" and this forum is "biased". But even if we include that as a possibility, people (well, I at least) respect him because he remains cool most of the time. Although it's partly because some of his insane predictions came true, the ultimate reason (again, to me, at least) is he sticked to his prediction, and he rarely (out of the top of my head anyway) dish anything rude back to the people who bashed his predicton. Again, possibly off-topic but it stresses the value of remain cool and "calm".

Anyway, those are my opinions so people may or may not disagree with me...

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@Tiachop, I quite agree with you about John, he says some crazy stuff and is clearly a bit of a fanboy but he is a pretty cool guy and doesnt get aggressive.

I think I agree with your first paragraph too, if I understood it right.

hey "111", Hus, if you actually want to fool anyone, or make them believe youre not Hus... youd think you could get a slightly more inventive name then "000", and then "111". anyway, chances are the majority of mods arent gonna be sony since ps3 happens to be selling the least of the three consoles.






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tiachopvutru you seem decent and any one else

how was this trolling ? why was the thread closed ?

Was the first post insulting or something ?

Hus and the others were having a pretty civil discussion, out of nowhere a bs accusation of trolling and thread locked.

yet Not a bias mod, sure buds sure.

What's with the Nazi flags in JJSeth's posts? Are those acceptable?