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Garnett said:

Warhawk plays like a last gen TPS imo,BF43 is so much better,and this thread = damage control.

lol riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight you probably haven't even played Warhawk.

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welshbloke said:
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Griffin said:
Munkeh111 said:
I just though the water in 1943 was more dodgy, but my main problem is the planes, I just can't use them, where as in Warhawk they were awesome

I agree with you 100% about the planes, the controls for flying the planes in BF43 are broken at best.  Warhawk was perfect that even a noob can jump in and get a good feel for them but there is enough depth for the experts to stand out.

I can fly them now, but dogfighting is pretty much impossible or accurate bombing, the only kill I got in a plane was when I crashed into someone

That has been my experience of flying in the Battlefield series full stop. I can only just about fly a Black Hawk Helicopter. You can count me out when it comes to fighter jets. The same here with the Zeros, but this infliction seems to only cause me problems because overhead you normally find a good clutch of pilots who have no trouble dogfighting or laying down fire.

i thought the water in 1943 looks very good, better than warhawk. I especially like the reflections/refractions off of the lighter water onto the sand underneath in shallow water. Also  in warhawk after weeks of trying i couldnt fly the planes well at all, same with 1943 but i figured them out properly after only a day or two. So better controls imo in bf but i admit it is very hard to bomb a moving target but that is just skill i guess. Im better at fogfights, e.i. i have actually blown someone up!