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@seece : I'm not offended by those threads, but they're boring. Stupidity brings this site down.

@dark chaos : yeah, MS fanboyism is hard facts.

Other facts are PS3 sold more from launch than the 360 on the same time frame and with a higher price.

Please remember this one, I'm fed up repeating it.

Fact is Sony never lost anything right now, playstation is still by far number one brand with >120 million PS2 sold iirc, 50 million PSP, and 21 million PS3. Wake me up when MS sells half as much consoles.

They only decided to release the PS3 one year later, so of course the installed base is still below 360, since it costs twice as much. The rest is basically joke threads and fanboy flamebait. What will you say when Sony cuts the PS3 price and it outsells the 360 again ?

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"Other facts are PS3 sold more from launch than the 360 on the same time frame and with a higher price.

Please remember this one, I'm fed up repeating it."

So are we.

Here are some other HARD facts, seen as you like them so much.

Since the PS3 launched, the 360 has sold more units then the PS3.

the 360 has a near 9 million lead

the 360 makes a profit (since late 2007) the PS3 is still making a loss.

You can use this alligned launch theory all you like but even the most intelligent people on this site, heck even ioi himself will tell you it means nothing.


Yeah seece, so what ? Wouuuah, 30 million 360 sold, that's so great compared to 100 million DS and 120 million PS2.

It's so hard to sell more when you release one year before and with a 40 % failure rate that makes people buy 5 consoles. I wonder why RE5, SF4, Tomb raider and burnout sold more on PS3 though, the installed base gap of doom is so great.

21 million PS3 is so full of doom at 400 $ and released one year after. The PS3 is nearly profitable, but no they'll surely bankrupt before.

Now I see I was wrong, I'll call Sony and make them cry.

^^ I'm not even replying to that, just trolling and lies.


bevochan said:

Who wins?  Regardless of which game sells more, will Uncharted 2 move sales of PS3 console ahead of Xbox360?  At least temporarily?

Who wins?



Uncharted 2 will sell less copies, and wont sell too many systems. It will be a better game though.

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^^ what leads you to believe it will be a better game, I mean the only hard fact anyone can use towards proving a game is "better" is metacritic, and that points vastly in Bungie/Halo's favour, or are you ignoring that?


selnor said:
gtcarro said:
Asmo said:
selnor said:

 I kinda have nearly 10 million Halo 3 people on my wavelength. And it still sells weekly more than KZ2. Which says alot.

Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit best games ever, confirmed?


And comparing halo3 to Killzone 2 is like comparing a Fiat (halo3) to a Ferrari (KZ2).

Well Wii sports is given with every Wii. So noone buys it out of choice. Wii fit though. Yes. To the people that keep buying it may just be the best game. Why is it hard to believe a casual gamer would like it. It makes sense.

Seriously your Fiat Ferrari comparison. LOL.

KZ2 to many many people is the fiat mate. not the ferrari.

As Much as I hate hate hate hate hate to admit it. Selnor is right Halo has had an awesome game for each entry of the series unlike Killzone which only has 2 and one was a spinoff. :| 

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here we go agaian

remember what matters is profit

some examples
i can made a game machine cost 700USD but with -10usd (minus profit)
or i can made a 150USD game machine with 3 USD profit

why people always think about price

also remember sony dont have services like xlive, MS have revenue stream from xbox live
sony don't

I definitely agree, what matters is profit, and PS3 is already close to be profitable right there...

@seece : sorry for making fun of you, but seriously I already explained my opinion and why Sony was doing well.

I've got nothing more to tell you. PS3 sold more than 360 from launch on the same time frame, so obviously Sony is okay right now. Any price cut would put them in front. It's already nearly profitable.

But maybe you're right and they'll die one day, we'll see, but don't bet too much on it. ;)