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Seriously guys, this game is great. It has a great campaing and lots of replay value, besides it has a cool pseudo-cartoony style.

If you want to buy something besides the conduit this month or you just don't like shooters this should be your choice.

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Talking about Wii or DS version?

I've been watching some vids for the DS version but I'm a bit skeptical on this game...

Never heard of it.

*searches game database*

Oh it's that Anno game.... here is the VGChartz review:

I'm talking about the wii version, haven't played the pc or ds versions. I wouldn't give this game a 7.8, I would give it at least 8.4 - 8.8

I've heard good things about this, but I just got EA Sports Active and I'm gonna buy The Conduit next, but I'll see maybe later on I might look more into this.

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Yeah I got it the other day. Only played about 2 hours of the campaign mode so far and It's amazing. Great visuals and art style, great game mechanics and gameplay - game is overall just fun. VO is good too. Anyone who liked civilisation/settlers games would like this (even though it's a bit more simplified). Story mode is apparently one big tutorial but the continuous play looks awesome.

Highly recommended for Wii RTS (kinda) fans.