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Forums - Gaming Discussion - WHEN did u give up on Nintendo?

I was raised on Nintendo like most gamers are. I gave up on Nintendo as the primary gaming system. After playing the NES, SNES, and N64. The game that got me to do it was FF7 for story and videos finally became a key elementof gaming.  What game made you leave nintendo, or any other thing? It seems to be tradition that most gamers leave nintendo eventually or mostly ignore them. If u never left them i'm also interested why?  Anyways, keep gaming and end complete fanboyism it has no logic.

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oh boy. this topic will start some drama...

I "gave up" on Nintendo in the 64 era. But it wasn't because I hated the 64. It was because I didn't have money to spend on games so I played Mario 64 and my other few games repeatedly for over a year and then just simply stopped playing it. The next year, I got my first Playstation for Christmas and played Tony Hawk and the other few games I had for it at the time. Afterward, I stopped gaming for a whole generation.

Then I saw a DS and it peaked my interest. So I technically got back into gaming because of Nintendo as well.




You do not have the right to never be offended.

This topic will not end well.

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I bought the Gamecube for REmake

super nintendo (age 4), then the wii. (age 14)

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I gave up Playstation for Xbox(but I do have a PS3 moving in so I'm stoked), but I never gave up Nintendo home consoles except the Gamecube(only played FPS's for a while).

I never gave up on Nintendo however I did add the Playstation 2 with my Gamecube to ensure playing my Square games as well as my Nintendo games. I have owned every Nintendo home console.

Yah, I could never give up on Nintendo compleatly Mario Kart will bring me back when he system is like 100 or less used and the games are like 15 or less. In a few years nintendo should have a large amount of good games to justify buying this system that is currently mainly for casual gamers.