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For my reasearch I was looking at sales figures for all games made for SEGA consoles and what do I get incomplete figures or nothing at all! Like Streets of Rage 2 by SEGA and Resident Evil Code Veronica by Capcom. This problem reflects heavily on the accuracy of their total figures in their charts. Highly inaccurate & unbelievable. Wikipedia is far more a better source. 

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uhm welcome to VgCharts?

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Over your head.

gunstar said:

Wikipedia is far more a better source.

You don't question wikipedia much do you? Here's a tip, don't rely on it! If I cited wikipedia for a thesis or something I would be laughed at. Wikipedia is 30% bullshit, 30% propaganda, 30% trolling and 10% truth.

It's an ok place to start research, but you have to check it against other sources, ones that aren't cited in the wiki article. Once you read several artticles outside of wikipedia you soon find out the page has numerous mistakes.

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Oh no u didn't XD

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The only reason you say Wikipedia is a better source is because they give you a number even though they don't know the truth.

VGChartz only gives numbers they actually know a bit about. The data is incomplete because it's hard to track/find out, while it's just as hard (or moreso, probably) for the people editing the Wiki-pages, they make stuff up or cite unrealiable sources instead.

Enjoy your Wikipedia, btw.

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wow so you think that if you say that 10+ year old games that weren't really that big don't have uber acurate sales figures eventhough vgchartz started in like 2006 this site is a fad?
wow, makes perfect sense.

don't they say the old system sales are largely incomplete?

Well at the very least I'll admit Wikipedia is better overall site than VGC. ;)