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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Tales of Monkeys island to Wii!

Tales of Monkey Island is coming to Wii Ware and PC.

If this does not excite you,you're not a gamer;story;2



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I don't like the graphics of the game. I wish they had just used plain 2D instead.

But I'm still looking forward to it.

Very excited by that news. I was wondering what I would do after finishing Broken Sword.


Monkey Island = WIN


Video(got an error while creating new topic... but you did already, so doesn't matter ^^)

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One of my favourite games of all time, can't wait!

Hopefully the episodes don't cost too much each.

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Wasn't this a moderately popular series a years ago?

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I don't know what I'm more excited about: Tales of Monkey Island (Telltales, WiiWare/PC), HD remake of Secret of Monkey Island with the great feature of switching between new and old graphics (LucasArts, XBLA/PC) or the prospect that these two announcements could lead to more remakes and new games of old LucasArts adventure franchises on consoles/PC in the future.

cool, i hope the episodes dont cost to much.



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