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Forums - Sony Discussion - I'm giving away a Uncharted 2 Beta Key

I just cracked open Infamous and started playing it today.  It's pretty awesome.  Anyhow, I'm going to be jammed up at work the next couple of weeks and won't really be able to use the beta code (Besides the fact I really only play co-op online anyhow).  So if your interested in a free code drop a post and I'll pick someone when I get done working tonight. 

Also I figured this would be a cool 100th post.

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Me pleaseee!!!


I need it!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

I definetly wouldn't mind having one as I'm not sure if I'll be picking up Infamous just yet :)


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THX man

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its not ur 100th post.i coming next coming this week.

You know you will be able to play online co-op in the beta....

I'm really annoyed because I have my code, but I won't be able to download it until June 2nd, most likely after sony's press conference

Me me me? =P
Thanks in advance!

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I really wouldnt mind having it if you dont mind. I'll make good use of it Uncharted 2 baby

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I'll pay you