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Forums - Sony Discussion - I'm giving away a Uncharted 2 Beta Key

Fame_Mcswagg said:

when does the beta go live i also have an extra one.


June 3rd I believe.

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That cant be coincidence! Look at my post count! This Beta Code is supposed to be mine ;)

edit: damn too late

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Has it been given away yet?
I would so much enjoy playing Uncharted 2!!!

I would like it please! (We both like cod4 and the ratchet series!!!) Thx :)

Dude we need you to make your 101th post!!!

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Pipedream I don't know how I'm going to be able to stand out from the rest and get this betakey. All I can say is that I absolutley loved the first uncharted and would kill (well maybe not literally) for the opportunity to get into the uncharted 2 beta , i've been stressed out with exams etc so it would be a much needed lift.

congrats cage. Hope you have fun kid

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

Well done Mr.Cage :)

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you know,that you want to give to me,what are you waiting?????????

edit:!!!ahhhhh zut,too late,hope you enjoy it cage,

I want one please!! :D