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Why are so many people pissed off? its not like this is Metal Gear Forever, tho im a MGS fan , i wouldn't care less if its MGS5 , it will take ages to finish the game , i want ZOE

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heh, awesome. I love Kojima.

wanna see some new?!


here you are:


compare this one:





with this one



watch at the bottom .. the same!! "April 6, 2007"

and now watch on something from April  2007



And now We got "Project S" !!

the new game from Hideo Kojima!




PullusPardus said:
Musouka said:

A interesting comment from Kotaku:

Analyzing the frame.swf source code:

There will be 5 "keys" revealed in 5 dates:
5/22/2009: (not yet uploaded to the website)
5/27/2009: ((not yet uploaded to the website)
5/30/2009: (ot yet uploaded to the website)
6/01/2009: (not yet uploaded to the website)

There is a loader swf for each key.

The programmer was smart enough to use a external source for the current time instead of using the viewer system time. (

Maybe the loader for the next key will change the weather in the frame.swf


Someone else managed to shave some hours off the timer.

However, if the aforementioned is correct, the timer is dependant on the server time and might not be affected by this 'trick'.

im sure those are numbers of days,

we now see a 5, tommorow it will be 4

I think it will be more like an event counter. It is now 5, will be 4 on the 22nd, 3 on the 27th and so on. The weather will gradually change with every event number.

And.... an update from Kotaku:

Kojima Takes Countdown Clocks To Their Absurd Conclusion

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pdkiller said:

What the hell does that have to do with anything?


Carl2291 said:
pdkiller said:

What the hell does that have to do with anything?



watch my first post.. PROJECT S is coming up!


Bad dreams of zombies...

The Project S thing is pretty plausible. He said he was gonna work on it after MGS4 IIRC.

It was originally rumored for Wii but maybe it'll hit the HD consoles.

a mgs4 title + addon (oxide) will coming to xbox (perhaps) .. but thats not for what the site stands for!

pls think about my thoughts ;)

You guys STILL going on about all this?

"GameFly reported that Konami will release a new action adventure game called Tornado Outbreak for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii."


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<link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /

...and so? meta tags are about getting hits for a site, and keywords associated with the company.

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