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I have a question that I think it would be good to settle once and for all.  I think this thread will end up becoming heated and might make a few people mad, but I'd like it to remain as civil and on-topic as possible.  This thread isn't about specific incidents or specific users.  Please do not let it become as such.


I am wondering what it means to have a Nintendo Forum, a Sony Forum, and a Microsoft Forum.

In some sites this distinction suggests that those forums are places of refuge for fans of each of those consoles and negativity from opposing consoles is not permitted.

In other sites the distinction simply means that discussion regarding those particular consoles is to remain there.  That is, you can't make a thread about MGS4 in the Microsoft Forum. 


So where does VgcChartz lie in respect to this issue?  What do the members think?  And what do the moderators think?  I understand the definition of a troll.  I think we all do.  This is not about trolling, which we all know to be a common evil that must be fought or ignored on a routine basis.  I am asking about rational debate and civilized conversation.  If someone has a valid point of criticism about a certain game/turn of events, etc, and it sheds negative light on a given console, are they not allowed to bring it up if they are in that console's domain?

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of course, YOU CAN.
there are no problem on this.

Time to Work !

I've always figured the different sections are for discussing matter relating to the company in question, but then again I've been told to "go back to the Nintendo forum" a few times.

I personally believe that I am right, and they are wrong. =P

They are there for organization and nothing else. If I want to see the latest threads I look on the front page. If I want to read about Sony I check the Sony forums. If I want to read about MS I read the MS forums. If I want to read about Nintendo I read the Nintendo problems.

I guess I'm not really sure what you're asking. Are you trying to say that a Wii only woner can't read and comment in the Sony forums? If so, I know they say there are no stupid questions, but I'm sorry, that's a stupid question. Are you mad at the people that tell you to go back to the Nintendo forums? If so, why are you even paying attention to them?

Twesterm...I am trying to resolve this debate once and for all. It's not a stupid question since there seems to be some confusion about this on several threads. I just want everyone to agree on one answer and be done with it. Especially if a moderator answers this question (or three) then there will be a precedent to respond to claims either way.

So if anyone has an opinion on this matter please let it be known now.

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i'm pretty sure everyone just goes to threads from the front page, i post all the time and i never check which forum it's in.

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The seperate forums were created with the intention of providing some "protection" if you like for people to discuss issues a little more freely.

The idea is that the Sony forum has Sony news and general Sony related information. People can post in there and discuss their favourite games and so on hopefully without people coming in and turning the conversation into a console war. The sales and general sections can be used for console vs console discussions.

So going into a Forza 2 thread on the Microsoft forum and saying "Gran Turismo is much better, Forza is sh*t" or whatever will get you banned as it is totally unrelated to the topic and the board. If you want to create a topic in a general section called "Forza vs Gran Turismo" go for it.

Of course there are grey areas but the idea is to give people a place they can talk about a particular topic without people ruining it.

The sections work fine I think. I try to see which section would be best for what opinions I am looking for or what my topic is about. I look at the threads in the main page as a mix of all those sections from which hopefully if the OP was clear you can share your opinions about it. If the OP is talking about sales then I would assume it was in the sales section or if they where specific and gave the name a of a console then maybe it was for that consoles section etc. I think is pretty easy to follow though there are always exceptions but that is why we have moderators.

Thanks for the response, ioi. That should help settle some disputes in the future.

what ioi said...