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So by remaking a game everyone has already played and most have no faith in Square-Enix doing right a second time around, they're going to save a console that still costs twice as much as the PS1 ever did? Even then how many years will it take them to finish a FFVII remake? Will the Ps3 be saveable by 2010-2011? Even then, to assume FFVII is the only game that can save the PS3, are you saying current FF games will never live up to the former glory of 32-bits? Will FFXIII not be able to do the job?

You people make all these threads how the PS3 is going to triumph one way or another despite the odds yet in discussions like this that offer a mere glimmer of hope like this you have no problem admitting it needs saved. You'll forgive me if I'm just a little confused by the inconsistancy in your enthusiasm.

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Isn't it now tomorrow? What was the game?

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:( i bought a ps1 for FF7 i have to admit and i still only have like 5 games for it

FF7 Twisted Metal GT1 and GT2 and Metal Gear

I won a FF7 game off a bottel cap and i had the game and no playstation so i took it to my friends and then was hooked so i dont know if i did not get the game for free if i would have made the jump to it...

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Wow thats alot of PS3 hate Onimusha 12. Just take a step back and try and be proactive about gaming.
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leo-j said:

Its going to be FF VII.

Yes its the savior since it saved the ps1 from death :D

And yes one game can save a system, xbox came to beat nintendo.


edit:Square enix was the one who lead sony to victory and the ps2 came to be, now will square save the ps3?

Yeah, just like Crisis Core was going to sell 10 million worldwide and skyrock PSP sales right?

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Honestly I didn't think CC was going to be that huge. 450k is dandy for a psp game.


^ naz

well at least leo-j was right about one thing .... (skyrocketing PSP sales).

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Takes more than one game to win a generation. If that were the case then Super Mario 64 would have won the N64 that generation.

And Ocarina of Time would have buried Sony forever. One game does not a victor make.


ssj: Halo put Microsoft on the map when it was too obscure to get a lot of attention. It went from nothing to someting. Sony is in the opposite position. Everyone knows about the PS3, and interest is fading away. One game on its own doesn't stop that.

OoT did bury Sony, imo. The N64 was infinitely better than the ps1 just because of SM64, MK64, OoT, and MM. I don't care what the sales charts say. :P

OOT would have buried Sony is Square didn't release Final Fantasy VII which set the PS on the path of greatness.

I'm inclined to agree with that. Honestly, Final Fantasy VII was about the only game that could have possibly parried Ocarina of Time, and to the victor went the spoils (and the momentum).

So like I said, one game can make a console, its just a matter of if 1st/3rd parties can continue to release great games afterwards. Microsoft might be able to but their main genre is shooters. So of course they will appeal to the shooter fans more then RPG fans. From what I have seen Mass Effect doesnt hold a candle to White Knight Story.  

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Mass effect holds every candle to WKS, in terms of LENGth (its supposed to be LONGER) Graphics are you kidding me? gameplay is where i think WTS could win if its something new and great, but Mass effect will most likely burn it in every other area

THis all goes to knaught if you are talking about rpg fan appreciation then yes, i think White KNight story beats it....

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What do you think the japanese public would be more interested in?

After all we are talking about TGS here.

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