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Deguello said:

It may not matter to you, I suppose. Even if you do it three more times in the next two weeks they probably won't get rid of you. But when this site had a poll for favorite mods, you weren't on the list. Apparently even the site admins subconsciously don't think much of you, possibly because of your reputation as an abrasive, insulting poster.

 What is it that you have against ckmlb? A lot of mods weren't in that poll, to name a few: Roadkillers, y-koron, BlindSight, Sintinel, Fishamaphone, broshnat, and probably many others. I'll be the person to defend ckmlb here. You all call him a fanboy but he's probably one of the 5% of people on this site who actually owns all the consoles.

He may not like Nintendo sometimes, but at least he can buy a Wii and enjoy the games. More than half the people on this site would sit in a corner and cry if they were forced to buy a PS3 or 360 over a Wii.



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I don't know what the original post was, nor do I care to read it, but I accept Cklmb's apology as sincere and genuine.

Hopefully all can do that and put this behind them,
and Cklmb it would perhaps be wise to be careful on how close you try to get to the fence on this issue; stay above board.

Personally I think it would be best if all mod's did not use foul language. What is the defining point of when foul language is "unnecesary" and when it is not? Let's get a better example from the mods.

^Ck's apology and ioi's posts should have settled the issues already.

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Such a pointless thread over a pointless issue.

Seriously cklmb is a fair mod. No need to apologise. I think number of crap N-threads or N-posts would be significantly higher without him. 

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WoW an this all because of the word Mast**bate X_X.

Are their in fact any rules on this forum where it says you can not say that word?

kber81 said:
Seriously cklmb is a fair mod. No need to apologise. I think number of crap N-threads or N-posts would be significantly higher without him.

See this is exactly what I'm concerned about. The opinion of a person should not change what is allowed or not. People should be censured only if they are in violation of the rules of conduct, not because of what viewpoint they represent. 

Is it not allowed to use that word on this forum?

Sigh on other forums you can find topics where people are discussing where they had sex and where it was the most kinky one :s.

It's not the word. It's that if I went on the Sony board and did the same thing, guess who would crack the whip down on me? I've said things a lot more harmless and been accused of trolling.

I personally think opinions are one thing (I have no issue with opinionated mods - being one of them) - but I do think vulgar language is another.

Purely because mods end up being seen as an example of how everyone else should post on a forum - especially noobs.

If you have a forum, where mods are swearing and flaming all over the place, I shudder to think what the quality of the posts will be like.

(I'm not trying to attack ck here, just stating my personal view...)

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