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i started to have viruses in firefox yesterday, why is this?

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I'm using IE at work right now and there aren't any problems. But other people still are? damnation.

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I have a solution. Get a webmaster. Put an add up top, hopefully someone can donate some time or work on the cheap. However, I do think a proper fix will lead to some downtime.

Giving a virus or malware to every new visitor to the site isn't helping anything.

BenKenobi88 said:

I wouldn't mind...even on my work computer with Windows ME Firefox has started to crash for the past few days the first time I come to the site. After I restart Firefox, I'm ok, and I've never gotten any viruses...but we're going to lose a lot of members if this problem does not get fixed.

 But I think we can just be patient.  Our contributing members probably wouldn't want the the site to go down for a few days for no reason...might as well keep it up, since some of us aren't really getting hit with problems anyway.  Once the problem gets fixed, we'll be good, so we just gotta wait.

The site has already lost hundreds of visitors... look at the average Users online.. When the NPD numbers came out less then 500 users where online instead of the usual 1,300!!

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I have never had a virus, or virus warning of any form from this site. Am running an active virus scanner, and Firefox (AdBlock plus).

I'm pretty certain whatever is going on, is being caused by some of the ads that are being served.

Maybe take down *all* ads for a couple of days, and see if people still have the problem.

@gebx: the site *never* averaged 1300 users. The numbers are pretty much identical now, to what I am used to always seeing on here. There was a big spike for the crossover press release - that's all.


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you all seem to have missed the point. It's not about fixing the virus. As a webmaster, ioi is providing a service to the website visitors. As his website has a virus, and he hasn't taken it down, he is allowing the virus to spread to his visitors. It is rather irresponsible to keep a website running while you know your visitors may be getting a virus from it.

Although it doesn't bother me, the OP definitely does have a point. The website should be closed until the issue is resolved, for the safety of the visitors.

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Guess its time for me to pull out. I don't want any viruses on my PC. Haven't had any problems yet, though.

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It really would be a good idea... I'm tired of this problem! >_

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Yeah ioi I'm leaving the site for a while tell thing tone down. I have Windows Vista and it shuts down and restarts the computer, I also have Norton Internet Security 2008 running and its telling me that its blocking incoming attacks and they are high. And I'm using Mozilla and Safari. Peace man I'm out.m/