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Forums - General Discussion - Punishment/penalty Mclaren got from FIA

Ferrari/fia = fascists

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KillerMan said:
kirby007 said:

i just realised!! spyker won't be the last team OMG haha

Edit : even though the team is punished for having confidential documents of ferrari it doesn't mean their car is illegal

Suddenly their car hasn't got broken a single race and example renault suffer change of tyres (michelin->benetton) but mclaren not. That is too weird....

 what's even weirder is that the Mclaren is a better car than the Ferrari! I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen when you just copy someone elses car. 

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kirby007 said:

good solution,nice punishment, drivers should have ben punished 2.

well don't listen 2 me am an ferrari fanboy;)

The drivers apparently helped in the investigation.;_ylt=AomD0E1Ms7OC2fuvmgb42dYLMxIF

"FIA said it did not penalize McLaren's drivers "due to exceptional circumstances" because they provided evidence in exchange for immunity.

Asked whether the futures of Hamilton and Alonso at McLaren had been compromised by the scandal, McLaren chief Ron Dennis said the two drivers remain under contract."

Read the news this morning, although I stayed up late trying to catch the updates.

Always been a Lotus fan, but after their demise I had no preference, but definitely not Schumacher, and by extension, Ferrari.

McLaren have had a stellar history (just like Williams), and both have arguably accomplished more than Ferrari in much much less time (not to mention Ferrari won many championships back in the day by taking advantage of their massive budget to field up to six cars per race - no wonder they won so much!).

Ferrari could have been penalized in other occasions but normally they just get a slap on the wrist. McLaren gets fined 100,000,000 quid.

I just had a chat the other day with my brother in law about this, and how F1 regulations are pretty much a joke since there is so much in the regulations that are open to interpretation - this is just one example of it.

After this incident, F1 is officially over for me. F1 can FUCK OFF for all I care.

It's A1GP for me now! 

But I do hope that McLaren win the appeal (although hell will freeze over several times before that will happen).

jman8 said:
thank god the FIA didn't listen to you. Would've made F1 even more boring.

Not possible!!!

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Formula Yawn

As long as drivers keep crashing into walls with 300 km/h, i'll keep watching... that case, may I recommend a healthy dose of NASCAR...

@your mother about Nascar. I also recommend Nascar LingLing, if you wanna see cars crashing with speed over 300km/h.

@jman and@ioi , but if you take best pieces from other companys car and fix/make them fit with your car and voila. Just like was it Williams who brought that new front wing to the last Gp, same-type of wing, which Mclaren uses.

@Parokki, Fia will investigate Mclaren's 2008 season car before season 2008 starts and if they will found something like it could have been stolen from Scuderia Ferrari 2007, they will put them under some sort off penalty/punishment

@Legend11, Alonso does have a sentence in contact that says that Alonso can break his contract with Mclaren if things they do harm his reputation

And ultimately about the punishment: Flavio Briatore said it "best": Mclaren breached Article 151c of the International Sporting Code. It states in F1 rulebook that company found breaching this Code would be banned from racing for this season or/and the next"

I think that Bernie Ecclestone changed this with his "wad of dough", like always when series was gonna get boring.

Sorry if there are writing mistakes (english isn't my primary language) ;)

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F1 vs FOTA, when too much power is in couple peoples hands.


guys do you seriously think I wanna watch cars driving round OVALS????
I'm disgusted!
Of course the only Real thing for me is and will always be F1. It's the most high-tech class of car racing and it's got the nicest tracks all around the world (imagine the upcoming singapore night race next season)
Seriously I'm not watching F1 for the crashes, but I must admit if there wasn't the odd crash here or there, I wouldn't watch it anymore because it's becoming more boring every year. There's less and less overtaking manoeuvers and i hope that they'll ban traction control (they intend to), which will make it much more interesting again.