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Read the news this morning, although I stayed up late trying to catch the updates.

Always been a Lotus fan, but after their demise I had no preference, but definitely not Schumacher, and by extension, Ferrari.

McLaren have had a stellar history (just like Williams), and both have arguably accomplished more than Ferrari in much much less time (not to mention Ferrari won many championships back in the day by taking advantage of their massive budget to field up to six cars per race - no wonder they won so much!).

Ferrari could have been penalized in other occasions but normally they just get a slap on the wrist. McLaren gets fined 100,000,000 quid.

I just had a chat the other day with my brother in law about this, and how F1 regulations are pretty much a joke since there is so much in the regulations that are open to interpretation - this is just one example of it.

After this incident, F1 is officially over for me. F1 can FUCK OFF for all I care.

It's A1GP for me now! 

But I do hope that McLaren win the appeal (although hell will freeze over several times before that will happen).