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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Without SONIC, dreamcast sucked *FACT*

He does for fact suck...

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"There was so much we could have done.."


Sega and Apple should release a new console, right guys? :/


I don't think it sucked and I also think Sonic wasn't even good for DC.

So far, the only conclusion I can come up with is that DiplomaticImmunity has never played 99% of the games on the Dreamcast.

I've been finding myself playing my Dreamcast more and more lately. It's a freakin' fighting gamer's dream.


DiplomaticImmunity said:

come on guys be honest if it wasnt for sonic, the dreamcast would've sucked

the only other game i can think of is marve vs capcom but that was multi-plat


 For that ridiculous statement

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DiplomaticImmunity said:
NiKKoM said:

d21lewis said:

Quake 3 (online vs. PC users too) before PS2
Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2
Soul Calibur
Dead or Alive 2
Crazy Taxi
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia 2
Street Fighter 3 (Double Impact AND Third Strike!)
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Jet Grind Radio (still only available on the Dreamcast)
Ready 2 Rumble
NBA and NFL 2K series
Rival Schools
Metroplis Street Racing
Samba de Amiga
Test Drive le Mans
Virtua Tennis
Phantasy Star Online
Chu Chu Rocket
Space Channel 5
Powerstone 1 + 2

and tons and tons of other good games. What you seem to be forgetting, is that at the time, the Dreamcast was offering PS2/Gamecube quality games when we were still playing the PS1!! Yes. Most of the Dreamcast library is available for other consoles, but those ports took years to finally arrive. At the time, and even a year into the PS2 launch, the Dreamcast was THE best place to play video games.


QFT!!! and added some CRAP games..




You are officially a troll Diplo


"After you win, son, I feel like going for a ride on your bike, haha." ~Doc Louis (Punch Out Wii)



Lol I´m sure there were tons of other good games like spyro(There was a dreamcast spyro game wasn´t there?)well anyway I was going to get a dreamcast but I decided to buy a ps.

What does QFT mean??

yo_john117 said:
What does QFT mean??


quoted for truth

"After you win, son, I feel like going for a ride on your bike, haha." ~Doc Louis (Punch Out Wii)



The Dreamcast could've had no games.

It would still be the coolest box ever.

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