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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGchartz Evening news with Oliist, Perpride, Onyxmeth, C. Stubbs, B.Benga!!

Welcome everyone to the 'VGchartz Evening News brought to you by Megman2. We truly have a packed show with Icons such as Oliist, Perpride, Onyxmeth, Colonelstubbs and BengaBenga. Turn the kettle on and get the biscuits out for the 'Evening News of Wednesday April the 15th.

 With  - Wednesday April 15th.

We have a truly special show tonight, With 5 Icons on the Evening News. What more could you ask for?

Today's Guests

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   oliist                 Perpride              Onyxmeth             C.stubbs           B.Benga

Snake2 reporting Live from California, USA with the Icon himself Mr. Ollist


Q1? You are known as an extremely powerful member, what are your thoughts on the community?

Filthy rich? Yes. Powerful? Not so much.  I'll never get tired to say that we most likely have one if not the best community I have seen so far. The will to discuss on high levels and the fact that we have precious few destructive members compared to most other sites are the reasons i left all other gaming site forums. Plus where else would you find members like Rolstoppable or Kirby that spice up the forums, staff members like TalonMan who make this site better every day etc.?


 Q2 ? As a neutral what do you make of the raging console war?

 Neutral? Ehm... Yes. What i do is ignore all PR that bashes the other two companies, I don't discuss with haters & I bought every console (that matters) to play the best games on each system (don't look at my PS3 collection atm, it will be better soon. I promise). So I can stay happy without getting involved in this stupid console war.


Q3- What game got you into gaming? What has been your favourite period in gaming?

Pac-Man on the Atari 2600. I couldn't stop playing before I finished it completely. It had no credits if i remember correctly. But this kind of satisfaction made me addicted. The 16-Bit era was my personal highlight. Story telling in RPGs got perfected, 2D shooters had their absolute climax at that time & FOUR different consoles (SNES, Genesis, Turbo Duo, Neo Geo) wanted all of my free time.


Q4 - You are the most successful entrepreneur on VGchartz,  what has been the key to your success? Will Nordlead dethrone of your no1 spot?

No secret, really. I have updated over 10,000 games so far & I have won vg$10,000 thanks to the Prediction League. Hard work & high bets when the majority seems to be far off with their predictions are the 'keys' to my success. If Nordleads child take’s over his profile when he finally is too old to work & bet then there's a good chance for that.


DonkeyKong88 reporting Live from Vancouver, Canada with the Legendary Perpride.


Q1 – What are your thoughts on the community?

VGchartz is probably the most active online community ive ever been a member of. There's a lot of die hard fans here and they come from a lot of different perspectives. It's a pretty big bloodbath. Most of the time you have to watch your mouth and word all of your arguments on the T or you will get run down by angry opposition. 

Q1B – The Sony Fanboys have a strong presence on the site, is it fair to say they run the site? 

Without a doubt. The Sony boys pretty much dominate the forums on this site. I've never seen a more organized group of people. Almost all of the heated debates have to do with something PS3 related nowadays... and PS fans have never been mroe proud to stand up for their brand than right now - a time when Sony is doing terribly as far as sales go. The most original threads are also made by the Sony boys. You usually see rip-off threads of praise for other consoles within minutes. At one point our dominance got so bad that they had to strategically remove our leader through permaban in order to catch us off-guard. 

Q2 – What are your thoughts on the console war? When do you expect a ps3 price cut? 

It's been a surprising one to say the least. Two years ago nobody expected Nintendo to dominate like this. At this point its so sad for MS/Sony that I am pleasantly surprised to see that PS3 has outsold Wii in Japan for two months. I expect a PS3 price-cut in time for the holidays...kind off like the one 360 had last year. I'd say a $100 in September. It should be enough to keep PS3 on level with 360 (since my guess is that everyone gave up on competing with Wii) and maybe even push sales ahead for a while. 

Q3 – What are your most anticipate games? What game has left you speechless this Generation?

Final Fantasy XIII has been my most anticipated game since this gen. started. and remains on the top. If I had to choose 3 other upcoming games to play before I die, it would be Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Uncharted 2 and Gran Turismo 5. 

As for games that left me speechless: MGS4 absolutely shattered my expectations and raised the bar so far high I'm not sure it can be touched anytime soon. Playing Uncharted and Gears of War the first time had be at the "oh shit!" stage for a while. As far as RPG's go, since I'm a big fan, Lost Odyssey was absolutely massive. 

Q4 – What are your thoughts on ‘colonelstubbs’ jumping ship, courageous or desperate? 

I think it was a pretty courageous move. At first I thought it was a joke because he has got to be one of the most die-hard Sony fans on this site. I do respect his decision especially when you look at how many huge games are multiplat. I just wish he had waited and made the move after playing games like KZ2, GT5 and Uncharted 2. At least he got to play MGS4 which is what mostly counts. 

Q5 – Kingdom of hearts 3 a ps3 exclusive? Will It be announced at E3? 

The way Square has been recently, I wouldn't bet on it. I really hope it gets announced this year though. If it is HD I expect it to be multiplatform. I'd be extremely happy with a Wii version of the's just something that has always seemed to fit in with Wii.

Michael-Moore reporting Live from New York, USA With Icon Moderator - Onyxmeth

Q1 – The ps3 and Xbox 360 have been neck and neck in the console race, despite the huge price tag the ps3 has managed to stay in the competition. Will a $100 price cut mean ‘Game Over’ for the competition?

A1: Neither console can or will fail this generation. They both need each other to survive. Third parties are attracted to the HD duo and support them because of the combined userbase. As long as both consoles get 90% of the same games, they'll both be fine and relatively close by the end of this generation. If the 360 were to fail however, it could cause many third parties to abandon the PS3 in favor of the Wii, which will look like a much safer investment as it'll have a rather robust userbase at that point. Don't expect that scenario though. Expect the 360 and PS3 to thrive off the blood thirsty competition they provide each other for the remainder of this generation. 

Q2 – 4 Months into 2009, what console so far has had the best software offerings and why?....And what will happen for the rest of 2009?

A2: The DS has had the best offerings thus far. It's been getting a unique title or two almost every week, bringing fresh ways to use the handheld, and retro goodness to boot. Popular opinion on the forums say that the DS Grand Theft Auto title managed to be a more robust and enjoyable experience than it's HD counterpart and I can personally attest to that. Not to mention there have been more quality JRPGs and turn-based strategy games on the little guy in the last few months than any console has had this entire generation.

As for the rest of this year, I think the consoles will begin to look stronger come this Fall. Modern Warfare 2 has the Onyxmeth guarantee that it's a first day buy. Same for Sin and Punishment 2 on the Wii. This time of the year will probably be the only time I possibly change my opinion that the DS has the strongest software offering, in favor of one of the consoles. 

Q2A – What are your thoughts on L4Dead or Mass Effect 2 possibly hitting the ps3, a possibility or highly unlikely?

A2A: Mass Effect 2 doesn't seem to be very likely, but it's hard to say. Going against it is the rumors that the first can't be ported and Microsoft may have possibly tied the trilogy up on the 360 in exchange for giving publishing rights to EA. Nobody knows for sure, but I wouldn't count on this.

Left 4 Dead on the other hand could really go either way. Valve will not port it themselves I am sure of, but EA can always do the leg work themselves like they did with The Orange Box. At this juncture it's unlikely to do much better than 750K, but that's still something and would be a smart decision for them. I'd give it a 50/50 chance of happening. 

Q3 – Are the ‘Sony Fanboys’ the most powerful fanboys of their generation , they do have a strong presence on the site would you not agree?

I see the "Sony fanboys" in two ways. On the one hand there really isn't any group that gets more excited for their exclusives than Sony fans do for the PS3 titles. It can get increasingly annoying but it's hard not to admire the passion they have for those titles, even if I do believe some members do it merely as a means of throwing it in everyone else’s' faces.

On the other hand, these same Sony fans as a group are the most difficult to talk sales with. Most of the worst predictors on this site are Sony supporters. I don't feel many of them are adapting well to Sony's third place position this generation and are still in denial about it. On top of that, many have a beautiful tactic of turning sales related threads into "My lineup is better than your lineup so who cares about sales" threads. Newsflash: This is VGChartz, not Gamestop. Sales are a legitimate topic of discussion here!

Overall, they're a good and misguided group of people, but so is every group here in one degree or another. My only suggestion for Sony fanboys is to switch to decaf. 

Q4 – What game are you most anticipated for and why? What sales do you expect for Modern Warfare 2 and the Halo 3 expansion???

A4: My most anticipated games of the year are Modern Warfare 2, Sin and Punishment 2, Wii Sports Resort, Muramusa, Bleach: Versus Crusade, Jagged Alliance DS, Bioshock 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, Scribblenauts, Uncharted 2, King of Fighters XII, Fight Night Round 4, Madden 2010, Prototype, Raiden IV, Wolfenstein, Spletterhouse, and if it does get released this year...God of War III.

I'm expecting anywhere from 10-15 million for Modern Warfare 2 and about 5-6 million for Halo 3: ODST. If ODST gets bundled with a 360 SKU worldwide then I say 7-8 million.

Final Question – Do you think the ps3 can still win the console war? What are your expectations for E3??

There's no chance for the PS3 to win the console war. None. Zip. Zilch. Those that think a price cut or some game can turn it's fortunes around and defeat the Wii are drinking something far stronger than I am, and I want them to pass the damn bottle already.

I expect this e3 to blow people away. I've got a feeling all three publishers are going to bring their A game, and we might get a repeat awesome performance like 2006, only this time without that dreadful $599 announcement.

Donkeykong88 reporting Live from Lincolnshire, England with the Legendary Colonelstubbs

Q1 - You were once a proud 'Sony Soldier' but due to unforeseen circumstances you jumped ship and went to the 'Dark Side' do you regret your decision?

 A1- I don't regret my decision, so far my 360 has been perfectly fine, no signs of the dreaded RROD and no issues with any games. I've enjoyed the exclusives (mass effect, gears 1 and 2) and the multiplat games are fine (Far cry 2, Lego batman/indiana jones) so i can have no complaints. I plan to get on Live in about a months time when ive finished uni, so everyone can do battle with the colonel and get their asses handed to them. Thats not to say i dont miss my ps3, as the free, easy to use online and lack of noise were great, and im not saying the 360 is better (or worse) but after esperiencing both for myself, i cant say one is better than the other because theres really not much to choose between them. Of course, in 2 months time when i get the RROD i will be cussing and swearing and regretting my decision, but until then, i can have no complaints or regrets.

Q2 - Being a previous ps3 owner, what do you miss about the ps3 and what do you love about the Xbox 360, what games have impressed you?

A2- What i miss is listed above, but the games...well gears 1 was brilliant, and gears 2 even better, and what i played of halo 3 left me gobsmacked as well, so the 360 exclusives on the most part have held up against the PS3 ones. The 360 is capable of running some very high quality games, and even though games like killzone 2 have shown the ps3 is making progress ahead of Microsofts animal, at the moment, for the most part, the games are equal.

Q3 - Many members on the site, including myself still have not forgiven the betrayal that took place on the 28th of November , when will the Colonel come back to PSN?

A3- I said to another user on this site, that if MGS5 is announced as a ps3 exclusive, i will put all my efforts into buying back a ps3 (to go with the 360, not to replace it). If its multiplat like FF13 (another game im considering getting) then i wont be buying a ps3. It all rests on Snake to be honest. After waiting years for MGS4 and being (mostly) impressed by it, to miss out on MGS5 (after owning every major MGS game so far) would be silly of me.

Q4 - What has been your favourite period on VGchartz, What game you look forward to most?

A4- my favourite period on VGC was before i bought my 360, when we had rock-on, megaman (r.i.p), demister was always posting, Leo-j was around a we have lost a lot of great posters, and its up to us who have been here a while to make the boards an entertaining and friendly place to spend some time on. Once in a while someone comes along who posts well and can mix humour with facts, and sometimes we get new accounts created purely to post flamebait threads, but at the moment i think the site is in a state of flux, a bit quiet and eventless. E3 is coming though, and that should rattle a few cages and get some big topics posted, so i look forward to that. And gameswise, Halo Wars, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Dead Rising and Star Trek Legacy (the geek inside me wants this so badly lol) are my next targets, but apart from them there’s nothing much incoming that whets my appetite apart from FF13, Alan Wake and bioshock 2...come on MS, sort it out!

Q5 - Do you have a message for the 'Sony Soldiers of VGchartz', how is Killzone 2

Q5- to the sony fans on the site, i hope the ps3 is still giving you many hours of entertainment, and i hope the upcoming games give the ps3 the lift it needs. And sadly ive not seen any Killzone 2 action, but if i do repurchase a PS3 im sure il find it cheap and snap it up

Id just like to say thank you Megaman- I mean donkeykong for this opportunity to appear on your show, and im glad your back with us to stay, Thank you colonelstubbs  

Megaman2 reporting Live from Amsterdam, Holland. Our final interview is with one of the most respected RPG historian of his time, The Icon BengaBenga

Q1 – You are known on the site as one of the finest ‘RPG historians’, what makes RPG games so special?

Haha, there are many members here that are much more knowledgeable than me. However it is my favorite genre since the SNES, so I guess being in your mid twenties brings you something...

I love the slowness of JRPGs. You don't need fast reflexes or concentration, it's really a relaxing time to spend your free time. A bit of exploration, a bit of strategy and tactics, talk to some villagers. Obviously an involving storyline helps as well.


Q2 – Many gamers have complained that ‘Nintendo’ has become too casual, and in the process alienating its hardcore fan base. What is your thought on this?

I think most people that complain about this don't care for Nintendo games at all. The line-up of core games from Nintendo in the first 2.5 years of the Wii is amazing and almost all games are great and equal or better than their Gamecube counterparts.

We have Mario Galaxy which is sublime, an amazing Metroid Prime, online Mario Kart, an epic Zelda, one of the best and hardest Fire Emblems, a very solid Smash Bros, original Paper Mario etc. Core support from Nintendo is great, some people just feel that "casual" games are something bad and focus solely on that. I rather see gaming as an inclusive world than a restrictive place for 15-25 year olds.

Q2B – With the ‘Gamecube’ having seen 7 Resident Evil games on its platform, were you surprised that Resident Evil 5 did not make it on the Wii?

No, not at all. No-one really thought Wii would be an amazing success when development for these blockbuster titles started 3-4 years ago. PS3 was supposed to be the winner again, coming from the big PS2 success and 360 launched early and, contrary to Wii, can handle the same games as PS3.

I do hope that Capcom will make a "real" Resident Evil game on Wii though. Resident Evil 4 on Wii is amazing, so that control scheme would be great to see again. But I want a REmake of Resident Evil 2 even more. If they make it as good as REmake it will be my game of this generation.


Q3 – What game are you most anticipated for and why? Will you be purchasing Final Fantasy 13 when it’s released?

There are lots of games I'm looking forward to. Final Fantasy 13 is one of those and I'll definitely buy it. It even changed my HD-console choice from PS3 to 360 since E3 last year. My three "must-own" HD games were RE5, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and FF13. With FF13 on 360 I could simply focus on the rest of the library.
Furthermore the two Tales of games have yet to release here and Graces looks great. End of Eternity looks promising, but Tri-Ace hasn't been very good this gen so far.

Most anticipated (announced games):

1. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: If they can make true on their promises it could well be the horror game of this gen. I love Silent Hill.
2. Beyond Good & Evil 2: The sequel to one of my favorite games.
3. Alan Wake: Looks incredible, hope it delivers on the promises and that we'll get some more info soon.
4. Muramasa: Demon Blade: Simply the most beautiful game out there
5. Final Fantasy XIII: I hope it's good, looks stunning already.
6. Tales of Graces: Looks very good so far.
7. Mass Effect 2: First game was absolutely fabulous
8. End of Eternity

Of non-announced games I would love a new Fire Emblem, Zelda, Suikoden and Shin Megami Tensei.

Q3B – Was the ‘Nes era’ the greatest period in Gaming?

No, for me that's SNES-PS1. So many great games. Thinking of those the games in these era's really highlights the fact that for me this gen is a bit of a dissapointment so far. Not only was it the golden age for JRPGs, but we had Ocarina of Time, Super Mario World, Mario 64, A Link to the Past, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Contra, StreetFighter II, Tony Hawk and many many more.

Sure, most of these series still exist, but back then they were fresh, new and original. A lot of these games made you experience things you never had before. I remember my amazement when I could play StreetFighter II in my living room. Today the industry is too much dominated by sequelitus instead of bringing new things. 

Q4 – Being a well respected RPG Historian; the viewers would like to know what your ‘definitive’ top 5 ‘Greatest RPG’s off all time’ would be?

1. Chrono Trigger
2. Xenogears
3. Secret of Mana
4. Final Fantasy VI
5. Suikoden II

Honorable mentions: Final Fantasy IV, VII and X; Tales of Symphonia; Shin Megami Tensei series; Skies of Arcadia

Q4B – When do you expect Nintendo to announce a new ‘Mario or Zelda’ game?

One of those two at E3. Not for release this year though.


Final question  - Are you disappointed with the ‘Third party support’ that the Wii has received?

I really don't care too much, as I like both Wii and my 360 (and my DS). I'll buy the games I want on whichever platform they release. I'm a bit disappointed in 3rd party games in general this gen though. There's too much focus on shooters, of which I'm not a fan. And it seems that everything and everything has this generic Unreal Engine look. I hope more games that look like Prince of Persia, MadWorld or Mirror's Edge will be released, but since all three weren't very successful I don't think that will be the case.

Furthermore Lost Odyssey and Valkyria are the only good JRPGs so far (Vesperia not released here yet) and everything gets delayed. The worst thing on the HD side is the "graphics over performance" disease. On the Wii I don't understand why everyone is using crappy "waggle" input, but no-one uses the fantastic pointer function.

But luckily we have games like Mass Effect and World of Goo!














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Nice job...these are coming out a lot more frequently than I thought they would=P  You don't only have to do 1 a week..but maybe just 2, or at the very most 3 within a week..but I think even there, you'll run out of people soon=P

Next thing you know, you'll be interviewing me..and who's gonna read that?!? =P

Wow you're milking this. You'll run out of interviewable members before summer :p

Wow, 5 interviews?! We're gonna run out of interviewees soon! :P

Nice interviews, I always like reading what everyone has to say. Props, guys!

non-gravity said:
Wow you're milking this. You'll run out of interviewable members before summer :p


 Probably only one more after this.

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I think you should slow down a bit...if you do too many interviews in so little time they lose importance. Let the people want a new thread, claim for it, don't throw it before we could finish reading the previous one

zexen_lowe said:
I think you should slow down a bit...if you do too many interviews in so little time they lose importance. Let the people want a new thread, claim for it, don't throw it before we could finish reading the previous one

This is my final mission


fabulous interviews

lol @ using your alt account names for each interviewer.

Yet another fabulous evening show!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

donkeykong88 said:
zexen_lowe said:
I think you should slow down a bit...if you do too many interviews in so little time they lose importance. Let the people want a new thread, claim for it, don't throw it before we could finish reading the previous one

This is my final mission


Oh, so you'll retire after my interview. Well, they call that "going out with a bang"


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