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Forums - Sales Discussion - MOTORSTORM created quite a buzz at my BEST BUY

washimul said: over 5000 x360s have been available for some one is buying them. Do you have a source for these numbers? and do not list the quantities of products that are not close to selling out... Anyways, this shouldn't be surprising being that the system is over a year old and doesn't have supply problems; at the same time many people (like me) are anticipating a price drop/enhanced system before July and can wait to see what happens. ps3 is ranked at 39 on at ps3 is ranked no1 ps3 is sold out at on the other hand over 1000 x360s available been available since december,2006 with 0 buyers all these x360 bundles have been sitting idle since december ,2006 with 0 buyers. ps3 is sold out at on the other hand over 2000 x360s have been availbale since december,2006 with 0 buyers. you can easily see the HOLIDAY BUNDLE tags!!!! so no arguement. NPD manipulated the JAN sales figures for x360 in CANADA....The original figure was less than 2k. by the way x360 was the least selling console in both Europe and JAPAN in JAN. in JAPAN .hardware sales plummetted to 3500 vs 44k for ps3. NOTE: - ALL holiday bundles of x360 are available as of today since december,2006 with 0 buyers.
Your a dumbass... Sorry to pull a Red Forman on you but common.... NPD manipulated Jan Sales figures in Canada?? Where the hell do you come from?? Do you smoke drugs before you post on these forums? Where do you get any of your numbers?? Where do you get anything? Dude your annoying... /end rant

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I just wanna say this REALLY quick. sales ranks Wii Sales Rank: 80 in PC & Video Games 360 Sales Rank: 18 in PC & Video Games PS3 Sales Rank: 1 in PC & Video Games I gotta say it... but I think sony is gonna rock europe.

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