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Forums - General Discussion - What was YOUR first wall post?

I deleted it. Now you'll never know!

Nintendo still doomed?
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supermario128 said:
I deleted it. Now you'll never know!

LOL hey now!  

supermario128 posted 21/06/2008, 02:00
Nice freaky Mario avatar you have there.
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I miss that freaky avatar...

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Slimebeast posted 08/05/2008, 08:32
Ahh.. you created the Halo Wars thread. You new here? Welcome!


gomezc posted 01/11/2008, 10:57
lol, I never thought of it like that to be honest. In theory it probably is, but in reality, kids knock and say "trick or treat", hold out their bags, and get candy regardless. If a household is sponsoring it by donating candy to trick-or-treaters, they already expect to give it away. BTW welcome to the Chartz man. I didn't realize you were new.

That was my first wall post

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MontanaHatchet posted 13/08/2008, 05:58
Welcome to the site. Is that you in your avatar?

3 days after i created my account. Well... it explains itself i guess.

fazz posted 04/12/2007, 05:10
Avatar = Massive win

Wonder what happened to fazz...

it wasn't a wall, when I started, just comments on someone's profile. And my first comment was:

omgwtfbbq posted 09/11/2007, 11:05
no comments? =(

the first one that wasn't me:

ioi posted 10/11/2007, 10:16
Ok, you've got two now

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

I mostly ignore my wall, don't have the time, but this was the first post. I think Weezy must have had bad eyes.

weezy posted 27/02/2008, 09:34
Steve Nash look-a-like from the NBA

Handsome man.

grupoid posted 29/01/2008, 02:12
Kickass avatar. That pic is so superb

i.... dont remember what my avatar was at the time :/






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