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Yeah i agree with soriku.

About the video of the fireball i think that it is to show that the game is alive (like that objects do something even if youre not there.

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does someone knows what engine this game uses, Crystal Tools, it is because like time ago they said SE licensed the engine of fallout i think, so maybe they will use for this.

but well its a FF i think they will use Crystal Tools

It's probably not using the Crystal Tools. It started a long time ago and they said they were porting over the Crystal Tools at GDC 2008 so it's probably too late.

They already said it's running on its own engine.

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wow that last vid was weird!

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Can anybody register and post the additional information here??

Oh thank you claude that is cool

Very strange videos. Makes you wonder if they want the game to succeed?
The trailer is really cool though.

And the crystal is halfway full once again.

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yep 56 percent down 44 to go.