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brb spamming the link every where.


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Public Spectacle Has been unlocked. Going to Watch Now.

Looks like this video is about NPC A.I.

Just as random as the last video.

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Is he fucking .... with a giant egg ?!

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Was that a egg?

Former something....

What the hell was that....These videos make no sense XD
But it's great getting the chance to see the Crystal Bearers world come to life before my eyes!!

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LMAO. Another pointless video lol. Come on, SE, now we have to wait until tomorrow to see the next vid...

WTH is he doing to the egg? O_o'

Seriously are the devs on drugs or something? Those videos make no sense!

The videos are kind of weird.. but I'm still checking the site several times a day...

That video made me think really weird things IF you know what i mean. Seriously this videos are weird but i least we know saw that the protagonist is in there.

This new video was probably showing the hero system in the game. Whether to help the dude or not. The main character really seems like a hero this time around and not an emo dude. I wonder if we can get another Vyse (though a much cooler, laid back one).