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ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!

Ever since the trailer came out for this game.. its #1 on my most wanted list. I'm going to check out the site now. Hopefully it will come out soon as it has been in development since before the Wii was released.

I wonder what kind of sales SE is expecting from this?


Maybe we'll start getting updates.

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shakarak said:
I wonder what kind of sales SE is expecting from this?


Well... I figure it could at least do as well as the original...


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That's awesome news. =D

Hopefully it's release isn't too far off.

i remember a year ago when people were calling this game vaporware... i'm soo happy its not!

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I was calling this vaporware, but I was wrong. Looked like vaporware though. Anyways wtf is all that in the page?

There's a clock with CET (?) time and the names Cologne, Palermo, Hamburg and Nice... ???????????????????????

Also if you scroll the mouse over the Trailers, it says the more visits the more videos. Time to bot refresh?

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I know... It only lists European and occasionally Asian cities... this game needs a simultaneous worldwide release!