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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Greatest Games Series: Sonic & Knuckles

I LOVE Sonic and Knuckles! One of my favorite games ever. It's great and even better with Sonic 3. Sega, make S&K 2 for WiiWare, please!

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That would be awesome! *hi5's*


Hrm... I never played Sonic Chaos... perhaps I should give it a go now that it's on VC.

Echidna's hmm.......they're all right by me. Oh, and so is Sonic and Knuckles.

Smeags, you've got to change your sig. Something that sort of gives Knuckles the advantage, or at least makes it look like that. Right now he looks like he's on the defensive. Maybe that? Or not.

Awesome game.

Sonic and Knuckles is the best Sonic game ever made.

Smeags is correct.

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A truly exceptional game.

Fantastic level design.

Fantastic gameplay.

Fantastic bosses.

Fantastic scenery. (Sky sanctuary is my fave level of all Sonic games, Ice cap zone from Sonic 3 is a close 2nd)

And last but certainly not least........... Fantastic music (Flying battery zone act 2 is amazing)

Sonic and Knuckles............. I salute you.......!!!!!!!!!!!

GLoRySoGLoRy said:
Sonic II is better.

Tails >>>>>>>>> knucklehead



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^^^ Too bad tails couldn't actually pick up sonic untill 3/3&K.