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Sonic II is better.

Tails >>>>>>>>> knucklehead

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Now that's what I call a passionate article.

Sonic looks chubby on those screens. :)
Anyway. Great game.

Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


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I could never get into the Sonic games at all, S&K included. I enjoyed them but compared to games like Super Metroid, Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Mario Bros. 3 there just wasn't as much substance to the game for me. That said, the cool thing about gaming is everybody has a different take on things.

I was stoked to see Sonic hit Smash Bros and wanted to see Knuckles in there as well, I hadn't played as Sonic in a game since Adventure was released on Dreamcast.

I clocked up over 70 hours on Sonic Adventure.

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True, this is the best cartridge ever...


Best Game ever= Sonic 3 & Knuckles!!!


Well, agree to disagree. Although Sonic the Hedgehog 2 perfected the Sonic formula (adding the Sonic Spin, chaos emeralds, etc.), Sonic 3 and then Sonic & Knuckles added more to the formula, adding depth (elemental shields, different playable characters, polished graphics, etc.).

Although Sonic 2 is definitely an amazing game, it's in my top 5 games of all time.

(Knuckles could take down Tails any day of the week. )


Much appreciated good sir.


And chubby Sonic is the best of 'em all.


Well, it's a bummer that you couldn't get into the games, but at least you found others which you could enjoy, so all is not lost. At least you gave the games a try, which is always appreciated.

And yes, I wish Knuckles was in Brawl... imagine... Sonic's speed and the ability to actually score a K.O.


Word up yo.

This thread... Is the best thread... EVER! :D

The BuShA owns all!

SATBK = The Comeback Of Knuckles!


Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Keep up the good shenanigans.


Definitely. I love playing as Knuckles in Black Knight. The fact that he can glide is so awesome. Plus his special attack is sweet as well (Boomerang Swords ftw! :D). To the Knight of the Sun!