Forums - Nintendo Discussion - MadWorld REVIEWS have spoken -- Now what are you SALES predictions??!

75k WW first week

750k WW LTD

btw darth, are u bold enough to give ur own prediction?

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Around 500 k for 2009.

100k-150k week 1 worldwide

2 million lifetime

Ha, got the avg score right.

This will only take a moment of your time. *steals your watch*

I hope it does better than de blob

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right will start updating EVERYTHING in the OP soon


thats a given

hype for madworld was x100 that of de blob

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175k 1st week WW (110k NA, 15k Japan, 50k Others)
1.3 million end of '09 WW
1.8 million lifetime WW

end of '08 predictions: wii - 43 million,  360 - 25 million, ps3 - 20 million


Games I've beat recently: Super Mario Galaxy, Knights of the Old Republic, Shadow of the Collossus


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WW predictions:

First week: 85k
LTD: 800k

Yes I think this game has some pretty good hype riding it. Word of mouth should keep it kicking, and these great reviews are going to give it a big opening.

Support good third party games on wii. Buy games like house of the dead overkill, de blob, madworld, the conduit and boom blox.

I predict this game will have the sales pattern of a Wii game, not a that of most PS3/360 game. (longer legs vs heavily front loaded) This will cause many threads titled "Madworld BOMBED!!!" in the next week.

First week: 100-120K US, 75-100K Others.
Lifetime 1.5M+

Its too violent for the general Wii audience

75k worldwide first week

maybe 450k lifetime