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Forums - Website Topics - VGchartz...Hacked?

I have a pretty sweet firewall. Software and hardware, makes it extremely dificult to hack me. Not to mention a wireless connection that shows fake computers accessing it. Good times.

I haven't had a virus since I set this up. :)

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kn said:
dgm6780 said:
Leo - that was the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.

QFT and one of the reasons I would really love to have an ignore filter. The one on N4G works great as I can block out all of the troll posts while browsing the news forum.

Be nice now, kn. leo is no troll. He's a young teenager and therefore less in-the-know.

Seriously guys, try Firefox with AdBlock Plus installed. I haven't caught a single virus from this site or had a single popup.

Kaspersky saved me.

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I killed the popups, and a good number of ads on this, and many other sites using the HOSTS file. A great first line defense against some of the more obvious annoyances.

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switch to a mac and all your problems will go away

Would switch to Mac, if there would be more games to it. :(

Nothing's cheaper than something free.

F1 vs FOTA, when too much power is in couple peoples hands.


Punisher said:
Would switch to Mac, if there would be more games to it. :(

Buy a copy of windows with it. Boot Camp is stupid easy to use. Play your Wintendo for games and boot Mac OS for everything else.

Or, if you're feeling a little adventurous (or cheap), do the same thing with your current machine and Linux. Kubuntu is pretty popular nowadays.


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Nice little exploit that tries to fire up when you access the site.

You really need to sort this out.

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